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In my restless dreams,
I see that town.
Silent Hill.
Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill..
Why so much praise ? What did this game do that made it stand out from other survival horror games ?
This review of the PS2 game will contain minor spoiler of the game mechanics, part of the introduction and details on the process of individuation.
In the list of successful license sequel for its time Silent Hill does not look bad, next to Resident Evil 2, Fallout 2, Half Life 2, Portal 2? Diablo 2 or Metal Gear Solid 2. Fans of the first opus are eager to know what Team Silent is up to. The bet is won, a new story independent from the first part is created, a new protagonist, a new message while staying on the same bases, the same city, the same atmosphere whether visual or sound and the same gameplay.
Fans are thrilled, and newcomers are blown away, the video game is evolving so fast it seems absurd.
It's not about slaughtering hords of enemies to achieve mission objectives or saving the world. In Silent Hill, it's about understanding what's going on, why are we here? How did we get here? When are we ? Who are they?
As many questions that arise in the player's mind as curiosity about the game and its world.
And that's the pinnacle, the game is playing us.
Everything is before our eyes, but we only see what we want to see.
It is by becoming aware of our truth that we are able to see beyond the "normal" in its etymological sense.
Video games are the most emotional medium, which makes them very appropriate for horror stories, and Team Silent understood this. In order to create what will become their magnum opus, the team simply took inspiration from the best of the best elsewhere on the globe.
They don't hide their inspirations from Adrian Lyne's Jacob's Ladder, a cult work of American horror cinema, or from the other side of the Iron Curtain with Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky.
Works that are as outstanding in their media innovations as in their undeniable and immeasurable generational impact.
This is the genius of the Silent Team, we still have to define it. As Lucretius said ex nihilo nihil fit - nothing can come from nothing, which can be simplified to " blending ". Genius is knowing how to mix what exists and transform it into an original and independent object.
Silent Hill 2 is therefore a masterpiece on the one hand because its creators are geniuses who had fun shaping their creation to the smallest detail, but this is only one surface of the game. The scenario is written, it only remains to adapt it to the medium.
The game will have strong points from its reception to the press as its immersive atmosphere, the power of the Playstation 2 allows the game to have a unique identity in time and this is one of the reasons why the HD collection will be a disaster.
We arrive in Silent Hill welcomed by a heavy mist that plays a major role in the immersion of the player we do not know what is in front of us, we are blind we feel observed, the camera seems so confined. The music is melodious in contrast to the distressing sound effects. But we are only prey to our imagination at that moment, nothing explicitly passes before our eyes.
Until the first encounter with a monster, a monster in the first sense of the word, something that is indescribable and incomprehensible to us, but in which we detect a small part of humanity. And never before has the gaming experience reached such a level, the video game has succeeded in doing what no other medium has been able to do: to make everyone agree at least once, at that moment everyone is terrified.
The game unconsciously guides us all towards the same goal and thus surpasses the cinema in its staging. It is a choice of the player to arrive there in this choice, it was subjected to tensions attacking the primary senses being the sight and the hearing which provokes an almost synaesthetic sensation to the players.
However, although the game inherits more and more over the years a masterpiece status, it also suffers paradoxically from aging control. The result of the evolution of the gameplay which certainly improves the playability but participates in the obsolescence of older games.
Besides, many people at the time did not manage to finish the game or enjoy an optimal experience as you progress in the game. It's because of this demarcation from the standards of the time and the lack of accessibility to guides like we have today.
It is this distinction of a style more narrative and philosophical than action that differentiates it from its national and survival horror opponent : Resident Evil.
The latter has found an audience in its shooter gameplay, its inventory management, its claustrophobic but immense level design and its replayability on a larger scale.
This difference is what makes Silent Hill 2 more like a work of art than any Resident Evil.
A work of art is by definition the result of an artist's creation intended to produce in other individuals, a particular state of sensitivity.
In the context of video games, we will focus on two people collaborating together with respective teams: the game designer and the composer,
Who elevates art to a common creation.
So we have broken down the different aspects of Silent Hill 2 that make it a good game but what makes it unique in its medium and unanimously praised by gamers. It is its philosophy and the study of the psyche of the protagonist James Sunderland, hints of the final plot twist are right in front of us from the introduction. James looks at himself in a mirror, he doesn't look at what others see in him but what is inside him, in a way he is making a topography of himself.
Indeed James will undergo a process of individualization of his psyche during the entire game in order to overcome the denial of a post-traumatic disorder (individualization is simply a conflict between unconscious realities and conscious perceptions as for example the passage to adulthood of a teenager) and this is where the game plays the player. It controls the distinction between our conscious, preconscious and unconscious forms so that the player feels what James feels.
And that's when the final revelation comes as much as a shock to James as it does to the person who has been controlling his every move for the past few hours.
The game distills symbolism into the simple action of descending (one of many examples of symbolism), the protagonist only descends into the town of Silent Hill before his redemption to symbolize his descent into hell for his sins or illustrate James' sinking into the evil.
To conclude, Silent Hill 2 is a work of almost infinite potential for interpretation and symbolism that has generated interest that has never been so great in its medium before. 20 years later it is still playable and relevant in its narrative.
Despite this, a remake will arrive in 2023 to give the new generation a chance to live the ultimate survival horror experience on the latest console with updated controls and graphics. In the way that it was inspired by other cult works to build its universe, Silent Hill 2 is now inspiring a generation of people in its turn.
This brought Konami into the ranks of the great video game companies where games like the Metal Gear Solid license, Castlevania, Silent Hill or Suikoden II have influenced an unimaginable amount of gamers around the world. It was as if Konami had redefined for the world what a video game was.

"Find something to believe in, and find it for yourself. When you do, pass it on to the future."
This isn't a game, it's art.
Kojima and his team have used the opportunity of a game to create something that cannot be recaptured.
This unique piece of media has touched me more than once and I will always remember the importance of freedom.
In the grand scheme of things, it's not enough to live life to the fullest, you have to find yourself and pass the torch to the next generation.
I have never been so moved while playing a video game.
And the fact that I arrived so late to witness the legacy of the game which is worth it, when I see that this game was a prelude to what my life has been up to now.

"Story of my life"
It's a good remake. I enjoyed playing it, the game has some interesting features, the weapons are cool and the parrying system is brilliant, but half the playthrough i was feeling empty.
When i was playing RE4 as a child i was blown away by the supernatural aspect of certains areas which aren't present in the remake, i understand why they did this but no lava zone in the castle, no laser dodging and no U-3 boss.
They removed the essence of coolness and filled the game with realistic aspect to make up for today's standard.
But in all this emptiness I enjoyed it, I am only left to wonder what an experience it could have been if the game was shaped for the fan and not for the majority.
Mercenaries and Separates Ways are a big part of the original experience for me and I hope it gets all the right additions.
Starting today, we finally have the long-awaited Separate Ways.
Which as expected adds a ton of content cut from the OG game and puts Salazar's second bodyguard in action, chasing Ada throughout the game, instead of getting killed by merging with boss Salazar in the OG.
It's rather nice for me to see U3 become Pesenta and the combat use of ada's grapplin gun, but in addition the laser room is back in a new chase sequence that looks incredibly sloppy and ass designed.
The difficulty curve isn't balanced, early game boss feels like tank and later boss feels like random encounter using - what feels like - unlimited money and ammo thoughout the game
I think the additions are there, but they could have been a hundred times better with love and care for the remake of one of the most played, most impactful, most innovative game in history.
Mercenary mode is much more enjoyable here than in the OG, with fast-paced action, lots of characters each with a good arsenal, perks and gameplay around 4 very different maps, and the fourth map being the final boss arena instead of the "docks".
It feels like a final map, and the double chainsaw guy is back - what a thrill !

probably the best expansion we've had since legion!!! seriously, i haven't been this excited about wow in a long time
as always the sound and art teams carried, but the leveling is probably the most fun i've had in any expansion, dragonriding feels absolutely incredible too. honest to god i want to be able to ride my dragon isles dragons everywhere else.
it's too early to say how the story's gonna be, but so far i have hope! i'm really liking how they're handling wrathion so far in particular. there's clearly tons of thought put into the worldbuilding, you can ask just about every named npc questions about their own personal history, like the meaning of their name and whatnot!
overall this expansion just feels like blizz is finally listening? sorry, this is just one big word vomit, but my patch 10.0 takeaway is that it's so refreshing.

cruelty squad understands what made shooters from the mid-90s to early 00s so distinct and special better than pretty much every other so-called boomer shooter revival game: a combination of weird atmosphere, uncanny map design, and a genuine sense of mystery and crypticism that eventually payoff in discovery and reward. secrets feel like secrets in an old-timey sense, the way they're all buried away and provided without fanfare or notification that they're supposed to be secrets. it encourages you to explore, which in turn makes you get the most out of the (mostly) super tight level designs
i feel like people overstate the grossout/poor graphics aesthetic. that stuff is all there in spades but acting as if that's the game's main selling point kind of sells the game short - the gameplay and game design, atmosphere, themes and even the bits-and-pieces of story and capital l Lore are all really, really solid. you hear a lot about the "tactical shooter" angle but i was pleasantly surprised to find out how much this game encourages, accomodates and necessitates FPS Shit like bunny hopping, surfing, rocket jumping and wall jumping and makes it work with the slow, methodical, routing-and-planning emphatic aspect of things. this game has Schmovement and it's good! it's just real, real good
mostly, anyways. the level designs can be a little bit inconsistent (it's mostly the big, wide-open levels that suffer, as i feel cruelty squad is at its best when things are small, compact, and tightly designed with every run through exposing a new possible plan of action for your next run), and flesh rats are fucking bullshit and seem to exist only to make you rely on rote memorization instead of knowing the level well enough to improv as obstacles necessitate, which most of the gameplay otherwise focuses on and excels at.
the plot, lore, themes, ideas, etc. are all super interesting too but i think i need to digest them and think about them a bit more before i have anything meaningful to say about them. they're pretty obfuscated and delivered with very opaque and dense prose that almost kind of reminds me of the stilted and imperfect english that the original quake used? just on the opposite side of the spectrum, a lot more verbose and eloquent than i was expecting
for once i have more to say about the gameplay than i do about the writing. they're both good. really, really good. it's just a really good game

(Overall: 3/5)
More mixed on this than I thought I’d be. I played Automata first and loved it, so I couldn’t wait to try the original with this remaster. And it’s definitely good, but there’s a lot of tedium attached that took me out of it.
My favorite thing about Replicant was the characters, who I found more charming than Automata’s cast (love Weiss and Kaine’s banter). The gameplay is fluid and controls really well, and while I haven’t played the original version to compare the two, I would assume the combat is significantly improved here. The mixing of different gameplay genres also added a lot of variety throughout. Also its ethereal OST is still amazing of course, though tracks were rearranged for the remaster which some may not prefer.
But man does this get repetitive after a while since you have to replay basically the same content multiple times, like having to run through the monotonous Junk Heap for the 5th time which nearly made me lose it. And the side content is not good, while some quests give a lot of money for weapons or let you hear more banter between the characters, most aren’t really worth doing.
And the backtracking! Most of the game is spent running back and forth through the same areas, with only a limited fast travel option that unlocks later on. It’s still worth pushing through it all for its great ending, but things like this just made it harder to sit through for me.

>mediocre 2010's generic third person shooter about killing people
>mediocre 2010's generic third person shooter about killing people but now has a shitty and pretentious message about "are we really the bad guys?" presented in the worst possible way
>"masterpiece" and "hidden gem that we didn't understood at the time"

i finished this game a few months ago, but i never logged it lmao. it was good and i like how ambitious it was. it always seemed to be trying something new.

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