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Sep 23

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A great example on how the hell a standalone DLC can be better than any game in the entire franchise

A solid sequel that did so much than any game since BotW, finally, we have some good story with proper cutscenes and a more intriguing story than its predecessor, the soundtrack is a step up too, with more variety and more quality into it, the shrines are basically worse, most of the shrines takes 1 minute to clear, and some shrines are the most weirdest puzzles ever created (not in a bad way tho), the temples are more varied and pleasant to do too, the new powers are good but ultrahand is too often bad to use and very clunky to use if you want to build the things you want to build in a clean way, duplicata is a godsent to counter ultrahand lategame, the fusion is great and improves the problems of the durability system by making any weapon, any time
The sky islands are a disappointment, the only good island is the prologue, and then it's the same layout over and over except a few like the foggy one etc.
The Depths are the same as the Islands, same shit, over and over, same enemy camps, same mines, same yiga camps, the same layout under hyrule, it was cool the first few hours but later it's a chore to do and you must do anything in the depths if you want the special outfits, get duplicata and the resources for duplicata.
The performance is completely garbage (and worse than botw???), I'm so devastated that this game is held back by this ancient hardware
The final boss is probably one of the best of the licence and one of the best bosses I've experienced (Mostly because of its soundtrack that is divine I can't explain how much chills I had while listening to it), the best step up compared to BotW.
Overall, this game has a lot of flaws, but it's still a good evolution from its predecessor and I like this one more

I can't believe this game hasn't changed a bit since it's release in 2014, it's still bugged, unfinished, unpolished as hell.
The only good thing about it is the multiplayer, you can make fun of the game with other people.