This game's spells are either the most bland attacks you'll ever see or complete rng vomit, whether or not I come out of Patchouli's Princess Undine or ALL of Sakuya's spells alive is up to luck, the game's patterns are a downgrade from MS honestly.
Thankfully the Remilia fight is actually pretty good, the touhou formula still works fun and the music is obviously a classic. I wouldn't say this game is bad, it's just the games that came after it are definitely much better.

First Castlevania, getting used to the controls was weird but once I got them the game was quite fun. Good level design (for the most part), kickass music, I liked using Richter's special weapons and Maria was overall awesome to play
I would give this 4 stars even but alt Stage 5 is absolute dog shit I hate it so much

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Gameplay wise it's pretty much perfect. Samus controls like a dream, she's super smooth, fast and fun. The areas are really well designed, bosses are really great, the puzzles (mainly the speed booster ones) are amazing. There is also A LOT of intended sequence breaking and it blows my mind. The lore addintions this game has are pretty cool in my opinion. The replayability is throught the roof and the game encourages speedrunning. Emmi sections are cool at first but they start to get repetetive later.
Sadly the areas mostly look very same-ish and the music is extremely unremarkable and that's a same.
Still a game really worth playing if you are into Metroid or Metroidvanias as a whole, but I do reccomend playing Zero Mission, AM2R (or Samus Returs), Super and Fusion before it.

This game has a lot of major problems, but fuck man I can't help but love it. It's combat system is still the best, the locations are gorgeous, the soundtrack is honestly a masterpiece, most of it's characters are so loveable and the story is really good too ESPECIALLY with TTGC in mind. XC2 excels in those areas so much they simply outshine the bad stuff for me, even if they are understandably a turn off to others. This game honestly just needs to click with you.

I don't understand the hype for this game at all. The level design is decent at best, but there are some absolute garbage levels, the weapon balance is non-existent. The music is still great tho