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I feel like this game had SO MUCH wasted potential, I feel like it wanted really badly to be Three Houses. While it had the heavily politically focused plot, it lacked the heart of what makes these type of games addicting. While this games real-time combat had a chokehold on me for the first half, it got repetitive real quickly. This game had absolutely no likeable characters, everyone felt very surface level and their designs were lacking any type of uniqueness, a lot of the characters even looked the same (Light almost white hair and pale complexion).
The plot was moving too quickly to even fully understand what was going on and what I did understand, I just found bland and uninteresting. While the characters seemed to have different opinions about the political side of things, there were no branching paths or choices to be made, a lot of the dialogue just left like "I morally don't agree with you but I'll follow whatever you say because I'm loyal to the Blue Foxes", why have differing opinions if we don't do anything about it? I feel like the game wanted to have all these features but it just fell short in the long run.
I ran into a difficulty curve around chapter 5, I think the fight was called 'Waltaquin in Purgatory" where I was getting my ass kicked, and I reluctantly decided to grind, after about a dozen or so mid-level fights, I was able to complete the mission but after that, I felt like I was over-leveled and all of the fights felt way too easy, mind you, I only gained about 3-5 levels per character, I think I was around 37 or 38 for every character.
This game has a ton of upgrade systems (perhaps one too many) and offers some game-breaking items late-game, including a Sages Hat that gives 2 EP for any damage taken which is absolutely ridiculous but incredibly helpful and it also gave legendary weapons for a pretty penny, but especially late-game, money is not hard to come by.
I felt pretty lukewarm about this game overall, I felt like it had so many elements missing, if a sequel ever does come out, I'm sure I'll try it, but I'm going to hope its executed better.

I love this game so much. Luigi's mansion had me hooked from the start, I absolutely love the satisfying gameplay and clever use of mechanics. This game was charming all the way through. While part of me was expecting more traditionally hotel themed floors, every floor was more clever than the last, and all my floor predictions came true but not in the way I was expecting if that makes sense. For example, I was thinking "there definitely has to be a swimming pool floor" and yes there was, accompanied by a whole fitness center to go along with it. While there were a lot of bosses, none of them were boring or bullshitty (gimmicky). They were all fun in their own ways and extremely satisfying to beat. I must say though, I enjoyed Hellen Gravely's fight more than King Boo's, it was challenging and definitely took a few times but it really made you utilize every mechanic in the game. The only complaint I have is Polterkitty was just extremely annoying (though I think that's the point) and gimmicky to fight, the window for stunning him was extremely short and didn't always work? But that's seriously the only complaint I have about this game. It was a super fun experience overall, I can definitely see myself going back to it as a comfort game.

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Yay! This was a fun one, I'm really looking forward to the sequel. This game is unbelievably charming, from the art style to the narration, I caught myself smiling like an idiot on more than one occasion. You can tell a lot of love went into this game. I love how the creator integrated his own pets into it, making it feel so personal in the best way. The story was great, as heartbreaking as it was, it was well rounded and felt complete, though I will never forgive them for killing off my funky mole friend (RIP). I have only 2 complaints about this game, fist being the hitbox, while certain dodges and attacks worked sometimes, it didn't work ALL of the time, it almost felt like in decided not to work, and once you get hit once, more often then not you're fucked for the entire rest of the fight, so that was extremely frustrating. My other complaint is some of the bosses were really bullshitty and just un-enjoyable to fight, main one I can think of is The Iron Rat (I think?) towards the end of the game, it was just unenjoyable and wasn't as satisfying as some of the other bosses. It was kind of up in the air if you were gonna get an annoying fight or a great fight. Though the combat is unforgivable at times, it made up by the fact that it's incredibly generous with it's save-points and supplies.
I'm so excited to see what the sequel will bring to the table!