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I try to play everything and anything I get my hands on. No real order or theme for reviews. Just anything I've beaten before. Hope you enjoy your time here.

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I got history with this title: I didn't have any money (and I wasent old enough to work) when this came out, but I was able to get a giftcard and bought this as one of my few very purchases back in the day. I spent countless hours on my iPad with this title. The campaign was pretty flashy with good setpieces at the time, and the controls were really tight and smooth. I got a lot of kill streaks online.

Overtime the game got updated a lot and it switched to a FTP format: AKA: a P2W format.

Eventually it got ported for whatever reason onto Switch so I ended up revisiting it. While the game was great for its time, it did not age well whatsoever, nor does it fit or work well on consoles. It feels clunky and rigid with muddy visuals. And it still has the same format as the mobile game even though you need to pay for it??????

There was a time when Gameloft was pretty cool. Sadly that time has loooooong since passed.

I enjoyed this game a lot back in the day so I can't hate it... but it's not good.

I recently learned about the game "Only Up" and while it seemed like a cheap shovelware type game, it did actually look fun. So I looked it up on Switch and only found 2 games with a similar title. But the other game named "Only Up" looked even worse that what I remember it looking like. "Only WAY Up" looked more accurate

Lo and behold neither game was the real one, as the creator took it down some time ago. What we have here is shovelware of existing shovelware. They literally copied a cheaply made game and somehow made it worse. I ended up getting "Only Way Up."

To say this game feels unfinished is an understatement. This isn't even like... a game the dev took time to make. He didn't MAKE ANYTHING, it's just a bunch of premade assets with a non existent platforming system. Climbing on any ledge is utterly broken as half the time you will just slide off in the middle of the animation and fall.

Some of these jumps are absurdly unfair. The platform you're given is the smallest most pixel perfect object ever: your clunky, difficult to control jump has to be utterly perfect to land on the... stop sign? Barb wire? What even are these things?

The map at the bottom is massive, yet there is literally nothing there. They took an existing map of some kind that's huge but didn't actually include anything cool like a launcher or a shortcut to another platform.

I feel like I could make this exact same game in a week when I have absolutely zero knowledge of coding or how to make a game. Again, nothing was actually made here.

The experiences and connections I made on here are irreplaceable. I still speak to certain people actively even after 10+ years. I miss this app even with the weird communities it had.