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- Resident Evil 4 (2005)
- Ninja Gaiden Black (2006)
- Duke Nukem Forever (2011)
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A really cool ARPG battle system that I felt I used to it's full extent by the end of my Proud difficulty playthrough. At times I felt like I was playing Shin Megami Tensei, what with dying in 2-3 hits and needing to cast defensive magic constantly to offset it. Way past the point of no return I was begging for an option to switch difficulty mid-playthrough. It's a shame that the options seem to be 'extremely easy' or 'ball-bustingly hard'.

Graphics and effects are gorgeous, perfectly marries the Disney & Squaresoft aesthetic which helps sell the story as well. A perfectly fitting narrative for a kid's game by framing Sora's childlike wonder as a literal force for good with the light/dark analogy. Also appeals to adults who have long lost sight of their inner child; Riku is so dead-set on growing up that he caves in to negativity (Darkness) as a means to an end. A perfect analogy for a game matching universe-ending stakes with Disney cartoons.

Despite never playing this growing up I still think this game is quite special and it makes me wish I knew more about this series before I decided I was too old for it, at least before real adulthood replaced puberty and I got over that.

Satisfying gunplay and the Greece level was appealing to me in the same way as Serious Sam's vistas. A fun time but not much to it which is sort of the point. I feel this would have been a 7DFPS entry back in the day but it's £3.99 and I don't feel the 30 minutes of gameplay was that good and replayable to be worth that.

Simultaneously relaxed yet tense atmosphere. Fresh but easy to understand mechanics that are explored well but don't wear out their welcome. Very unique and easy to recommend to anyone.
Funny and often interesting writing that alludes to a larger story with most conversations, though I personally found it hard to discern a narrative that lives up to the complexity implied by the abstract dialogue. Regardless, still can't fault the worldbuilding even if it's not building up to much other than setting the scene and providing an excuse for the bizarre cast of characters and designs to exist, which are all excellent.