I play video games on the Switch, PS5, PC and emulators.
Final Fantasy was my favorite thing on Earth growing up... I still like it a lot.
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Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos
Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos
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Jun 01

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
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Jun 01

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This game is so good even though it's core gameplay mechanic (the puzzle solving/evidence presentation) is not even good. There's a lot of wonky adventure game logic but I feel absolutely no guilt looking up the solutions to the puzzles. I'm here mostly for the presentation. The story is completely insane but somehow works very well. These characters are just so endearing even if they are mostly over the top. It's just so fun to pretend to be Phoenix Wright I don't know. I feel like i could tear this game apart but I just had a good time playing it, despite its flaws.

There is some bad stuff here:
opaque solutions
too much spirit channeling
you know the eight-year old is channeling your old partner because she grows giant tits...

Imagining Charles Martinet recording these voices in a studio is scary.

Beat it! Cheesed the last level with rewind because I was sick of it on try 3.

This is a beefed up version of Mario 2.

It's basically the SNES version with red coins in each level, a different save system, heart pulls, and a hidden Yoshi Egg mechanic.

I had about as good a time with this playthrough as I ever have in Mario 2 but some things stuck out to me as annoying this time around:

- Slippery physics
- Subspace: why am I just supposed to guess where the mushrooms are? That's not fun?
- Yoshi Eggs: Same as the subspace mushroom complaint. The mechanic boils down to: just look around a lot randomly. Ummm
- Rope climbing is horrible

But it's still good fun. Throwing them veggies still feels good and the overall package with the slot machines and strange variations of enemies is still delightfully bizarre.

I remember thinking in 2001, as a 15-year-old, that releasing what was effectively the Super Mario All-Stars port of Mario 2 as a game just called "Super Mario Advance" was strange and kind of icky. I still feel that way now. I mean Mario 2 is fine… but why are we calling this Super Mario Advance? It's Mario 2. And I know Wario Land ended up getting #4 on the GBA… and this game is fun! But the naming convention and not going with some kind of new Mario or Wario Land as a launch title just hurts something in my brain.

Probably the best way to play Mario 2!

I played this with Switch Online, the GBA emulation there is surprisingly outstanding and I think their screen and filter options are great. Really wish their other emulation offerings were up to this quality with the filtering options.

I had a pretty darn good time with this. I have no love for n64 collectathons but this was chill and the slime powers felt really good and were very intelligently onboarded to you.

Sort of feels like a midway point between the Siactro games and a full on N64 style Yooka Laylee collectathon.

This was just the demo but honestly if they just added some fanfare for 100% and slapped a 10 dollar price tag on it I see no reason why this couldn't be the full release.