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It's like Minecraft except 2D and generally a lot more fun.

How brave of them to be so willing to make not only SNK's best protagonist ever, but make their previous best protagonist even more handsome

a friend's dumbass friend swears this is the greatest game of all time, and any game you can think of Ark has that game's mechanics but better. All I know is I walked around for a bit, built a small hut, carried my own shit in my hands at 10fps, jumped into the water and fell out the bottom of the map and alt+f4'd

Every once in a while I have a dream where one of the fucked up original characters from this roster has their own actual game

My dad stopped playing with me when I learned how to drift boost and he refused to let me show him how. Also it pissed him off when I just had Wario and Waluigi swap seats and they'd just go WAH, WEH, WAH, WEH

Finally, a Legend of Zelda for adults like me

aesthetically its great, literally every part of actually interacting with it is borderline unbearable.

d-pad + needing to press a button to run really kills this game

If games aren't art, I'll shit my pants

best game of the gen and one of the best RPGs ever made. landmark stuff. in ten years I will write a tweet about this game like the one Kevin Smith made about his wife.

all i'm saying is: he has shoes.... like a horse, he has a saddle....like a horse, he has a cloaca...like a horse, he eats apples... like a horse

yeah i actually played this game because my cousin had a friend who's step dad was a kiss fan and bought it for him to play. it sucks shit!

Bad Rats is a physics puzzle game where rats finally get their bloody revenge on their new prisoners: The cats. Come up with creative solutions for each puzzle using physics, functional objects, and your specially trained Rats. Try different ways of solving each puzzle to finish faster or earn higher scores. Revel in your success as the cat meets a violent demise in any number of humorous ways at the hands of Bad Rats. Comic cartoon violence and cartoon blood Realistic physics simulation 10 Specialist Rats, anxious for revenge 11 different and bloody deaths for cats 10 other functional objects to help you 44 Maps, from easy to very hard Internet and local records Original, cartoon styled characters Challenge your creativity, intelligence and logic Unlock all the Steam Achievements