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I'll try put out a review on a game this time, if i have the time and place to do them...
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Just a month after this game's released, Nintendo have released all 15 F-ZERO tracks.
This is will bite them back, as player retention will definitely be affected with the low amount of racetracks and people will get tired of playing Mute City I/Big Blue ever goddamn time it gets selected in the F-ZERO 99 mode, or playing Death Wind II/Port Town II in the PRO TRACKS mode, while tracks like Silence, White Wind II and Fire Field aren't selectable in the PRO TRACKS nor are in the MINI PRIX rotation.
I have little faith in Nintendo that they will do some more proper post launch content updates, like adding more racers (very unlikely), adding the never officially released BS F-ZERO 2 tracks, or maybe, god forbid, adding new tracks that may or may not allude to a future proper F-ZERO game.
We're giving too much credit to ol' Nintendo here, remember that Mario 35 didn't even last a year from it's release in the 1st of October 2020 till shutting down the servers in end March 2021, nor did Pacman 99 for that matter, and Tetris 99 is just Tetris, that game can survive a nuclear server shut down for all it's worth, lmao.

Shit is addictive but shits not gonna last long.
This sucks man

Quite literally, Baby's first Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, or for some, Baby' first Wing Commander.