Fun enough but it's really brought down by the progression system which is still really slow even after the hotfix which made it quicker. It's like they made an f2p game with microtransactions to speed things up but then stripped out the microtransactions. Core of the game is still fun though, even if I do wish that there was a quicker way to get access to more cards and characters

It's a flash game so it has an effective interest of about 10 minutes but it's still a neat diversion for that time. WarioWare-likes are definitely better with more than 15 or so microgames though

It's prop hunt.
GMod's is better, but i guess you can play this if you somehow don't have GMod?? Fun for like an hour with a group of friends before you get tired of people leaving early if they don't get on the prop team and other broadly janky netcode. And for a game that is currently free on Epic, an hour of entertainment is all it needs to be. Can't imagine paying 20 bucks for it though

Lots of nostalgia novelty value here but the actual game here is honestly pretty bad lol. Gave up like 34/50 levels in.
Every puzzle is generally comically easy, but the execution of these solutions is either similarly easy, or so finnicky and precise and down to physics engine luck that even one "mistake" (which often happens due to a Meebling bouncing in an unexpected way considering they are a weird offset egg shape) can cost you a full restart, no inbetween. This might not seem bad for a flash game but considering how patient you have to be in slowly tapping the pushes and pulls it can be much more frustrating than I care to bother with on a random 4 AM nostalgia trip. Add to this a seemingly completely random difficulty curve (it was not uncommon to be stuck on the mechanical execution of one level for 5-10 minutes and breeze through the next 3 in 10 seconds each) and yeah this kinda sucks

This review contains spoilers

Neat that it exists but that can also be said of many other bite-sized games/VNs/art projects and such. Don't really have anything to say about this one

Additional Voices By: Justin Roiland

gameplay-wise about as pristine as you can get. same exact gameplay loop and mostly the same map as botw but with all the harsh edges sanded off and somehow this works. played probably between 60 and 70 hours* and was only really just starting to maybe get bored of it. definitely one of the best open world games ive played to date? usually i get bored of these 30 hours in and drop them/rush to the end but i did not do that here, not by a long shot.
[nitpick paragraph feel free to skip]
maybe unsurprisingly, the worst parts here are the bits that deviate from that main gameplay loop. dungeons are better than in botw but are still largely underwhelming. story remains kind of bad/forgettable, with a couple of bits that seem like they might be kind of cool until you remember nintendo has no balls. i remember next to nothing of the story in BOTW, i guarantee i will remember about as much from this in 6 months. voice acting is even more miscast this time on the few occasions you hear it, i will never understand the decisions that led to matt mercer doing matt mercer voice as ganon, and there was not a scene where rauru spoke where i did not imagine some guy in a VA booth reading off his lines.
[nitpick paragraph end]
thankfully all of these are minor nitpicks in a game where 95% of the time is spent fucking off to some unexplored part of the map and exploring it, but they do kind of serve to remind you that this is a toy first and an artistic work second. its weird to see elements as halfassed as the story put next to gameplay as polished and thought-through as this, but this isnt particularly out of the ordinary for what most AAA games want to be anyways. something you see in many AAA games is a drive to be as enjoyable as possible and most games fuck up somewhere but TOTK really never does, not in any major way. if something you value in a game is its ability to kill time, this is very good at that
*idk the exact number because i moved off my switch to an emulator partway through because of joycon drift problems lmao, and that was at around 40 hours. sidenote: if you have a beefy computer (rtx 3000 series or above) yuzu is at the point that with a couple patches its definitely a better experience than playing on hardware on account of the increased framerate and resolution lol


Incredible soundtrack, and pretty impressive presentation to boot. Basically defined the aesthetics of indie games for the next, like, 10 years, and for good reason. Probably really technically impressive too, I was constantly wondering how something like this gets programmed and functions the way I'd expect it to like 99% of the time.
It's a shame that actually playing it is kinda boring, though.

Good ass game, very fun however progression can be a bit too cryptic at times and it feels like it goes on maybe 2 or 3 dungeons too long. Otherwise though basically nothing bad to say here, there's a reason this became the archetypal Zelda game every other one up until BOTW tried to copy lol

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jesus fucking christ howly
writing's less tight moment-to-moment and i have a hunch that the hard pivot to psych horror with only a bit of psych drama left might result in this leaving not as lasting of an impression as echo, but still very good and an essential play for psych horror vn fans and especially echoproject fans. lots of super indepth and uncomfortable descriptions here as always from howly, and the music and CGs add a lot to the experience as well
ironically, might be better than echo for onboarding non-furries lol. considering this completely ditches the slow burn of echo and is also only about 4-5 hours long if you binge it

This review contains spoilers


Very impressive work technically and visually and auditorily (they have got to tell me who did the ambient songs for this i need to listen to their work because the stuff here is incredible) but it falls to the same exact issues Yume Nikki does. The atmosphere is impressive until you get stuck somewhere for 10 minutes and have to pull up a wiki page (that spoils everything if you move your eyes in the wrong direction) to figure out what obscure thing you have to do to trip the flag that lets you progress to the next part. (Also not huge on the "liminal space" aesthetic that's rampant here, I think it's executed about as well as it can be, but like, empty airports and such are still kind of played out i feel.)
Judging by how much people love Yume Nikki, I'm clearly in the minority opinion as far as my repulsion towards oblique progression goes (honestly, i can barely even get through an old point-and-click adventure game, i'm definitely the weird one), so I'm just gonna chock this one whiffing on me up to personal taste
Aside: while the game itself i can easily see someone appreciating a ton, the metatextual ARG/Creepypasta shit really sucks lol, imagine turning a seemingly earnest depiction of grief into some lame "the computer is haunted and its killing me what da hell" shit

very funny music choices and there's a lot of new modes but there's no SHININ' so it's automatically half a star worse than puzzle fusion