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Eu após zerar todos os jogos da franquia Halo, aínda não consigo enxergar oque o pessoal vê de tão bom nessa franquia...

Eu já não sou tão fã assim de FPS, além de não curtir a temática futurista da franquia.

Bom, mas sobre Halo CE, Eu acho a gunplay do jogo nada demais. Eu acho as missões do jogo tediosas, tanto pelos cenários do jogo,
que principalmente os das últimas missões, são chatos e repetitivos, quanto pelos objetivos. Não entendo o porquê da falta de Sprint do jogo, acredito que isso quebra a dinâmica dele de tão lento que é o masterchief. (ah mas tem os veículos) cara, se isso fosse um bom motivo todos os FPSs poderiam não ter Sprint, além de muitas áreas do CE não contarem com veículo. Já sobre a ost do jogo é o único ponto que acho positivo, pq não dá pra negar que ela é de fato boa. (único motivo pra eu estar dando 1 estrela)

Agora falando da história, talvez isso seja coisa minha por falta de atenção ou interesse, mas eu não entendi muita coisa dela jogando esse jogo. Não sei se tem que ler algum livro antes ou algo assim pra entender ela.

Tbh Esse jogo deveria se chamar Halo cringe evolved

The game that started it all (redone in better visuals.) Out of all of the video games, Halo Combat Evolved is certainly one of them, however in 2001 it was the cornerstone of an ever changing first person shooter genre. Halo jumped into the scene as an atypical shooter, most FPS' at the time were more rooted in non-fiction or were extremely fast paced jump fests (Quake, Unreal Tournament) but what Halo offered at the time was something new that cut itself into the fold. Halo was a science fiction shooter with an emphasis on world building, captivating lore, and a multiplayer that lent itself to organic fun rather than a designed gameplay formula.

Multiplayer LAN's in Halo were some of the most fun I've had in gaming to this day partially due to how unique the maps were for a game at the time and how enjoyable the simple gameplay loop was. Getting an Assault Rifle/Magnum combo to start was awesome, and learning all the weapon spawns through repetitive play felt great. Vehicles in muiltiplayer were great and had not been done to that well of an extent in games previous (on a smaller scale game.) All in all, Halo was the first time that first person shooters simple felt "fun" to me, whether it was split screen combat or playing over the internet, Halo Combat Evolved has a multiplayer of pure "joy" more than hyper competitiveness.

The singleplayer was great for the time as well, however after replaying in 2021 clearly has some flaws due to repetitive zones and occasional unending hallways. Playing through the Library on Legendary is one of the least fun gaming experiences I've had in the past few years. Though I was just negative in those few sentences, I think it's a necessary game to play through especially to see its influence as a cultural powerhouse.

CE, a seminal and celebrated but flawed game, is one that deserves a great remake, and this is not that. It was stuck in a weird middle ground between wanting to completely redo the game and just giving it a fresh coat of paint, and we ended up mostly with the latter, even though the "fresh coat" in question mostly destroys the art style and simplicity of the original, even though it does have a good offering of moments of beauty. The "fresh coat" comment also weirdly applies to the soundtrack, since the 2001 score was taken and recieved some new instrumentation on top of it, not much else.

Played as part of the Master Chief Collection.

Haven't played Halo in a while (have not owned an Xbox for nearly 6 years now) and replaying the remake is magical. Halo has aged gracefully, and this remake just slaps a fresh coat of paint of its already flawless interior.

Some frustration of early 2000s FPS game design definitely show up (the repetitive corridors, the weird checkpoint system, the flood level) but the second the Halo music kicks off, it's all moot points.

Great stuff.

Rejoguei e permanece sendo um jogo mt bom

Good entry into the series, gameplay was alright. Flood sections of the game felt like a chore to get through on harder difficulties. Game would also stutter pretty badly on remastered mode so I ended up playing mostly in classic

Liked the gunplay, story so so. It was way too repetitive, finishing this felt like a chore. Fuck the flood.

Never played multiplayer. Like most Halo campaigns, it's not terrible but not particularly good either. Some really terrible missions with hordes of enemies and it gets incredibly repetitive.

The multiplayer is great, but goodness the campaign is bad. It's so repetitive, same enemies in same corridors that all look exactly the same. At least playing it on Legendary brought some fun with the challenge, but yeah not a fan.

I'm 26 and I finally played Halo for the first time.

For a game where you spend the entire time going through samey looking environments and clearing room after room of similar enemies, it's pretty fantastic.

Halo's level design is so simple but that's also what makes the gameplay shine so much. Once I'd get into a groove, clearing room after room full of enemies is thrilling. The shotgun especially feels amazing to use.

Also need to give a major shout out to the OST. Genuinely some of the best most epic stuff I've ever heard in a video game. It elevated each and every encounter. I can see why this is considered such a classic. i will say that the story didn't do much for me. I think I understood the general idea but it often felt ike things were just happening and I didn't really understand why.

I've never played through this one on my own and completely. I played the actual demo version back then in 2001 on demo stations in video game stores and a few missions here and there in co-op at a friends place, but never straight in one playthrough. I only started to get into the series from 2007 on with Halo 3.
And after finishing it, it really aged badly. The opening missions are iconic, how you start the game and go through the first ship and then getting introduced to the big open world (of that level) and it brings back instant memories of the demo station back then and the feeling of 2001 where it was something you haven't played before.
But later in the game it goes a bit downhill. In my opinion, the difficulty on normal really goes bonkers and straight up feels unfair at some points, you die so freaking fast with not always the best checkpoints and the level design of the second half of the game is straight up garbage. From the point on where you are in that flood level and you go down this area again and again and again and again in circles and everything looks the same only to go this up again later (if I remember correctly) and having to continue this backtracking galore through the ice area where you need to blow up this generators with your shield. It felt like it suck actual life out of me.
From todays perspective, phew. But the last level was good again where you had to escape with the Warthog. Not as good as I remember the one in Halo 3, but a section I hugely respect and I'm still mad about that the devs abandoned this after ODST. Still, it is the start of a legendary series with an unforgettable soundtrack , fun multiplayer, amazing co-op play and it opened the door for what first person shooters on consoles can be.

Bienvenidos a un tutorial sobre cómo hacer una primera mitad de un videojuego tan buena y una segunda mitad tan desastroza.

Omitiendo este detalle, el primer Halo no ha envejecido tan, tan mal. Es un shooter muy simplón tanto en historia como en gameplay pero que se deja jugar y disfrutar. En los peros hay zonas con un diseño horrible donde todas las salas son iguales o donde solo te limitas a subir y matar hordas y hordas y hordas de enemigos convirtiendo la experiencia en algo innecesariamente tedioso, sumado a que la acción ante estos se limita a retroceder y disparar sin fin.

No es buen juego, pero tampoco es malo.

Halo CE was one of the only two Halo games I have played, and funnily enough I don’t have much in the way of nostalgia for this game, and as I have developed my tastes in games, Halo just kinda phased out.

I think Halo CE holds up decently well for the most part. It is an extremely well made game, but I don’t particularly enjoy the gameplay of Halo as much as I used to. Still the setpieces holdup.

In terms of the anniversary edition graphics, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Levels like “Halo” look gorgeous and fully realised while levels like “The flood” completely ruin the atmosphere of the original.

Generally speaking, there's an atmosphere in the original that is lost in the Anniversary, choosing instead to favour overly detailed and glamorous environments, and that kinda sucks.

Nunca fui entusiasta de los FPS clásicos, así que me gusta el gameplay más lento y metódico de Halo, pero tiene problemas notables: escenarios laberínticos/repetitivos y exceso de backtracking. Hay gente que dice que eso era aceptable en 2001, a mí desde ese entonces me molestaba. Además tiene dificultad desequilibrada con los Flood. El remaster tiene una dirección artística mediocre, por suerte puedes jugar con los gráficos originales.

A shining display of awful level design. It's cool and all seeing the origin of Halo but actually playing the game is pretty painful. The shooting is alright and the final mission was fun. Some levels are more bearable than others but a ton of the campaign is just slowly going back and forth through samey corridors and getting lost because it's so easy to forget where you have and haven't been. Enemy placement can feel pretty unfair with swarms of stronger enemies, one-shot grenades/rocket launchers and energy swords. The story is nothing to write home about but master chief is still cool at least. Also the flood are a massive pain to fight.

Just got to play this game with the remastered collection. I found it very repetitive, the follow ups are nicer. Very repetitive, boring corridors, backtracking, etc. But it was an important game when it launched. Better played with a friend.

Overall a pretty good remake, but I feel like 343 Industries did not really know what they wanted CEA to be. On one hand, the gameplay and cutscenes are essentially unchanged, leading me to believe that 343 wanted to make CEA a shot-for-shot remake of the original that was faithful to Bungie's original vision. However, the art direction looks pretty damn different compared to the original game, leading me to believe that 343 wanted to make a "new interpretation of the original Halo". Both methods are perfectly reasonable ways to remake the game, but when mixed together it's rather strange, feeling especially inconsistent when you are given the ability to toggle the original visuals. The new visuals look great on their own, but they're not particularly faithful and I personally believe Bungie's art direction was stronger in the end. It's also a shame how 343 did not bother to remake CE's multiplayer, but the new maps for Reach are still rather welcome. Quite good overall and I can easily recommend this to both fans of Halo and FPS games in general

One of the most revolutionary games ever made. Also a chore to get through.

Despite flawed remastered, I adored playing through this in 2021

The best part of this remaster has to be how Raven was able to run the old game with the new visuals on top, so that you can swap between the remastered and classic graphics on the fly. Not only is it a really interesting bit of programming but it also allows you to completely fucking ignore the awful remastered visuals and just play Combat Evolved the way it’s meant to look.

ancient gamers will tell you this is their top 1

My introduction to the Halo games was Halo 3, than ODST, 2, 4,5, Reach and finally Halo. So when I say this is still one of the better Halo games, i really do mean it without any nostalgia blinding me and understanding fully what the series becomes. While it doesn't have some of the mechanics that were streamlined in other Halo games, you can tell exactly how Halo 2 and 3 built on this games legacy and became the games they are today.

In a lot of ways, Halo reminds me more of Halo 3 and my fond memories with that campaign. From the flood's introduction, to the struggles on bridges, to the banshees / vechile runs, Halo really set all these elements up well and Halo 3 expand amazingly on a winning formula. One of the best parts of this game was seeing how the flood were introduced and seeing 343 slowly being revealed to be the ass that he is. With Cortana also getting in a few sassy lines as well, it's easy to see why teens are horny for her. Overall Halo's first outing does a great job of establishing lore and level design that makes Halo.

It's amazing how well this game holds up 20 years later. It is just fun to play. The combat encounters feel great as do the weapons. The anniversary edition looks fantastic and the switch to the original graphics with the push of a button is greatly appreciated. Needless to say the music is still one of the greatest.
Unfortunately, the level design is deeply flawed. While the first half of the game is still enjoyable, the second half is just a slog to play. Recycled areas combined with exhausting backtracking.
And the flood sucks. It sucks ass ... hard.
Luckily there is the shotgun tho.

4.5 Stars for Combat Evolved. The anniversary edition alone would drop it to a 3 or 3.5

I understand that first games in an extremely successful franchise tend to be rough but lord almighty I was not expecting to be this drained when playing this game for the first time. Halo 1 is repetitious to the Nth degree. You wander around fighting enemies in the same looking empty hallways leading to the same looking arenas for the 50 billionth time over and over again, and that’s not even an exaggeration. The amount of recycling CE does is borderline ridiculous, sometimes it recycles other parts of another level in a LATER level with little to no changes added. And what makes the whole thing worse is that these levels can drag on for an eternity. Just when you want it to end, you find yourself in yet ANOTHER copy of the similar room you were in like 5 minutes ago for the 15th time and you silently beg for the sweet sweet release of death (No Halo 1, haphazardly dumping the flood in a level we were just in a couple of missions ago is not an excuse to force me to play the exact same level we juST PLAYED A COUPLE OF MISSIONS AGO, IT'S STILL THE SAME FREAKING LEVEL).

Gunplay itself is slow and somewhat clunky compared to the other Halo games but it’s to be expected, the enemy design and AI is pretty decent and sets the stage for what will be standard in the future. Music and atmosphere carry this game HARD. I don’t think I’m ever gonna go back to this one ever again.

It's quite easy to get lost in the remaster in a way, to the point that when I would switch the quality back to the original it was practically jarring, almost like playing two separate games.

If anything this game is surely a testament to the graphical upgrades that can happen over a 10 year span