Instead of doing what Zelda has always done and innovating with their structure and design concepts, for the first time in the 37 years of Zelda games, I feel like Zelda team bought into its own hype after BotW. Marrying a more classic structure to BotW's lush world and free systems could have yielded the best Zelda game ever made. Instead, the only major change made to BotW is the addition of more stuff TM, with no attempt to innovate or create something new like Zelda always has. And for me, this structure is infinitely less charming on the second go around. Probably the single most disapointing gaming experience of my adult life made worse by the fact that all anyone can do is call it the greatest game of all time, apparently.

Solid and fun game with some great level design, power ups, and stage gimmicks. Held back by an obnoxious difficulty spike right before the end (and not the fun kind) and the writing being kinda bad. Still an incredibly solid budget platformer that I'd definitely recommend to anyone interested.

This is the pokemon game everyone puts on a pedestal nowadays, and so I had a lot of hype finally playing it, but that likely hurt the experience for me a lot. The narrative was really underwhelming to me after years of hearing it talked up- I find Sun/Moon's message to be more unique and emotionally poignant, which despite both games having similar narrative shortcomings gives it a huge leg up on BW in my personal opinion. The ending did hit the notes it was striving for however, and if I had grown up with this game instead of SM, I'd likely adore it narratively, because there is a lot to love- just not much for my adult brain to sink its teeth into that I haven't seen done better elsewhere.
Gameplay wise it's pretty messy too. The small pokedex makes me really feel limited in my teambuilding options, which is more forgivable for the first two generations where the actual number of pokemon was lower and they were still finding their footing, but I wish they had had the same epiphany that they did when they attempted the same "Only new pokemon" thing with RSE and filled out the pokedex with relevant pokemon from past gens after realizing the variety was too low, while still putting the new ones in the spotlight. The evolution levels are also just as strange as they appear, with many pokemon evolving at or after the elite four, which feels strange and unsatisfying to me.
This is likely a controversial stance that will bring me heat, but in my mind, this game is akin to XY: It is a functional pokemon game that exists. Not the peak of the franchise, but playably fun. I still have the postgame to play, but I'd be doing it out of obligation at this point, because I feel ready to move on.

Weirdly enough, it's only AFTER I reach the ocean that I start having a lot of fun with this game. The way the world opens up feels fantastic, but the first six gyms are just too boring for me.

For every step forward, there is a parallel step taken backwards, leading to a middling experience. I like this game, I enjoyed this game more than not, but only just. If we were still doing third versions, Pokemon Verdant or whatever it would be called would have the potential to be the best Pokemon game of all time-But in terms of the game we actually got, there needed to be a few more months of development time and more thought and consideration for certain design elements if it was ever going to be something approaching great.

Add in gay options and this game is literally perfect in my eyes-oh look, a gay options patch.

Never finished this one, despite the fact that I was really looking forward to it. I found the "lots of short levels" approach less interesting than having 8-12 meaty and substantial ones, and I feel the writing didn't meet the expectations set by the first three campaigns.

Perfect for what it is- the "& Knuckles" campaign to Shovel of Hope's Sonic 3, recontexualizing old levels with a new playable character and a new perspective.

It's peak! Platforming is god tier and the story is very surprisingly good.

A masterwork that cements Shovel Knights status as the defining indie game of the past 10 years.

The worst pokemon games of all time and the worst game I have ever played to completion in my life. I like the soundtrack and the elite 4 was cool (but I had to force feed my pokemon herbs to suppress affection and make it any degree of interesting) and there was occasionally a nice looking environment when my eyes weren't actively bleeding, so there's your half a star. What a complete joke.

I made it to the fire Gym and gave my borrowed copy back to my friend, lol. Maybe one day I play it to completion and turn my opinion around, but I'm never ever going to fork over the 90 dollars they're somehow still asking me to pay for the full experience.

My little friend can follow me around and snuggles me when I talk to him, your argument is invalid.

People who complain about the number of cutscenes always ignore the fact that the actual content of said cutscenes is good. Like yes, it is bad game design that they're unskippable, but I don't personally care because I'm engaged. If they added some kind of a fun challenge mode patch, this would be five stars and my definitive favorite in the series.