Cooking minigame is the bane of my existence

"You know the dandelion flower? The one that scatters its seeds on the wind?

The wind carries those fluffy seeds far, far from where they were born. What if one of them ends up in a desert where not even a single blade of grass is growing? If you can imagine how that lone seed will feel... then you might be able to understand me.

That seed is still a baby flower. If it does its best, it can turn even a desert into a garden.

Maybe that little seed will decide to thrive. Maybe it will decide to grow and multiply, so that it can turn the whole desert into a field of dandelions.

What do you think can give it the strength to do so?

All it needs... is to be loved by just one person in the whole desert. All it needs is to be told how pretty dandelions are."

Cosy little visual novel with great characters

Beautiful pixelart. So many small details, I can tell this game is made with a lot of love :)

Nostalgia! But I remember this game being bigger than it was. It basically is a collection of mini games.

There is always sleep between part and meet
with our usual words on the usual street

So let us part like we always do...
and in a world without you
I'll dream of you

When I come to, let us meet
with our usual words on the usual street