I hate having to "quantify" how much I liked a game with a rating, but here I am.

I only give 4.5 ★ and 5 ★ to very special games that had a big personal and emotional impact on me, basically my favorite games.
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Sometimes I fantasize about Zero coming home drunk and beating me until I feel numb. She kicks me in the ribs until I can hardly breathe. Then she starts to cry and apologizes, begging me to forgive her. She holds me all night as I gently cry into her t-shirt. Please help is there any hope for me ? 🥺

Before playing the game, I was very apprehensive about this remake. I was afraid that they would change or ruin many of the things that make Persona 3 such a special and unique game for me, but to my relief that didn't happen. Persona 3 Reload is an incredible game and one of the best remakes I've played. Of course, the game isn't perfect, there have been things that bother me and have left me upset. For example, I feel that the atmosphere of the game is weaker, largely due to the game's crappy lighting and the super clean color filter. Replacing some iconic scenes that were previously in anime format with a amazing direction for in game cutscenes without much inspiration is a very sad choice and doesn't help either. And though I find the UI generally good, I think it is excessively blue and didn't achieve a very good color harmonization, it's quite tiring for the eyes. Not to mention there's the new versions of the original Persona 3 songs didn't sit well with me, although Azumi Takahashi is a great singer, I think her voice doesn't really resonate with the game as a whole. Don't get me wrong, the soundtrack isn't bad by any means. Some of the remixes are nice, and the new songs composed for Reload are simply amazing. "Color Your Night" and "Full Moon Full Life" are some of the best songs in the whole franchise. It's just that I don't think the songs hit me like they used to, mainly due to the lack of Yumi Kawamura's voice and even the instrumental part is a bit weak. But I guess that's okay in the end? Like, I appreciate the courage and attempt to do something different in such an important and fundamental part of the game, even if I don't like them as much. I think the new soundtrack fulfills its role in delivering a different and refreshing experience (but I have to be fair here and admit that Izumi's performance of Kimi no Kioku was surprisingly amazing, especially the instrumental part. It was the song I was most afraid to listen to because, well, it's Kimi no Kioku, this song is very special to me, but fortunately, the Reload version didn't disappoint me and made me cry just like I did when playing Persona 3 FES).

But, that's where my complaints end because really, absolutely everything else is much better or just as good as the original game. The amount of content and events they've added relating to the SEES members is absurd. Not that this was a problem in the original game, but now everything about the characters is even more developed. The relationship between the SEES is now much more intimate and believable, and that ended up creating several very beautiful moments that I genuinely didn't expect, establishing the cast of Persona 3 as my absolute favorite from the franchise, I simply love these characters. Not only that, but the male characters in SEES have been given exclusive secondary events called Linked Episodes, which work like a Social Link, but much better written. And the biggest highlight of this addition goes to Shinji, who despite being a good character in the original game and his participation being quite important for the story, unfortunately, he had very little screen time, and here this has been improved. He now has a much more in depth character arc, and his relationship with Akihiko and Mitsuru has been elevated in a spectacular and deeper way, and that genuinely makes me very happy because I always thought he was a somewhat wasted character, and now he's one of the best and most memorable characters in the game. And as I said, it's not just Shinji, although he's received more attention, all the male characters in SEES have received a Linked Episode (including Koromaru lol), and they're all pretty good, special mention to junpei, who I already thought was a great character and here has become one of my favorites of the game. Even Strega and Revolver Jesus received the proper attention and are much more interesting characters here.

Another very welcome addition was the voice acting, not only in all those secondary events I mentioned but also in the Social Links, and damn, I didn't expect that a simple addition like that could make the characters so much more remarkable and interesting. I particularly think Persona 3 has the best Social Links in the franchise, besides being the Social Links that touched me the most, I believe they are the ones that best engage with the themes explored in the game. And now seeing these characters voiced has made me appreciate them much more, really making them more alive. Talking to Aigis and hearing her voice, sometimes sweet and at other times extremely frustrated and confused during her arc of self discovery, and pondering the meaning of life. Or talking to Akinari and hearing his voice as he tells the story of his book or talks about his sadness and anguish of having such debilitating health that prevents him from living his life to the fullest... It hits much harder, especially the conversation with his mother at the end of the game.

And of course, there's Tartarus, the most hated part from Persona 3, and being honest here, I always liked Tartarus and here it's not different. I thought it was perfect the way it was done and its better than the original. People complain about Tartarus because it's repetitive and exhaustive, but I've always thought that was the point. It's not meant to be enjoyable. You're climbing an extremely immense and dangerous tower, with infinite corridors and random paths that change every night, and the further you climb, the more twisted and uneasy it becomes. It feels like there's no ending, and if there is one, you have no idea what awaits you there. It's exhausting, it's repetitive, and it can be monotonous for a good part of the exploration, but that's exactly what makes Tartarus such a despicable place to be, which makes perfect narrative sense within the game and in how the characters feel when they explore Tartarus. But I can understand why many people hate it, really. It's just that I've always found the concept and exploration in Tartarus interesting, and most of the time I was engaged in this unpleasant journey, which is to explore Tartarus. And for me, the most fundamental part of Tartarus remains untouched in Reload. There were subtle changes, but they worked very well, such as making the floors smaller and more tools to make exploration smoother, and now there's a better balance between making the encounters and exploration engaging, leaving you more motivated to keep exploring, while maintaining the more "negative" part of climbing that infernal tower.

The combat has also become much more enjoyable and fun here, I think it flows better and I like the fact that it's more dynamic. I've seen a lot of people complaining about the difficulty, saying that it's too easy, but fortunately, I didn't have that feeling because I played on Merciless difficulty, and it was a very balanced and enjoyable experience. I didn't find any boss fights too easy or too hard (except for Reaper). Ah, and the addition of Theurgy is fucking awesome. But, I have to admit it's a bit OP and made the boss fights relatively easier.

I understand the criticism the game has received and I think it's fair that many people didn't like this version of the game as much as the FES or Portable. But Persona 3 in general was an incredibly personal experience for me, and the themes explored throughout the game resonate so much with me. I first played Persona 3 FES during a tumultuous and depressed period of my life, where I was totally lost. The game made me rethink a lot of things about me and how to deal with my problems at the time. It made me ponder my decisions in that hazy moment, how I should deal with the people around me and how they were dealing with me in that situation, it made me realize I am special to my friends and my family and that I don't live just for myself. And honestly, to this day, I keep thinking about everything that Persona 3 has provided me and how it has changed my perspective about my future and on my way of living. So, seeing how this remake worked on these characters who are so dear to me and developed the themes with so much love and care, make all the issues this game has simply don't matter to me. Persona 3 Reload made me realize how much happier I am just for loving this franchise and especially Persona 3.

In the more than 100 hours playing this, Persona 3 Reload turns out to be a very solid way to experience this story. But no matter which version of Persona 3 I play, even though they're all different, they all end up being the same thing: an extremely special experience for me and one of my favorite games. Persona 3 Reload is still Persona 3 - and that's what matters.

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