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allegedly has Tasty Steve commentating but I haven't heard him mention "good ass Tekken" once

Whereas RE2 Remake was mostly non-committal towards tone, barring maybe some other aspects (e.g., Routes A/B), RE3 Remake is non-committal to thought-through game design (i.e., encounters, map layout, puzzles, resource management, the actual Nemesis, etc.). Funnelled through speedy abandon; a Bay-iesian shot of goof and spoof. The tone's on point here, I'll give it that. I love a good monster man with a flamethrower/RPG and Jill here is very Alice from PWSA's own fantasy-to-film. Bosses are neat spectacles too; but the actual body of the game in-between is so near anemic it might as well be a boss rush.

Razed the ideas factory in the name of cohesion.

played probably a good four hours of this today and it feels rock solid. the fundamentals are there, the roster variety feels right, the amount of content is very generous. devil within is legitimately awful. will update when i play more.

coco you are so beautiful baby please come to america i will make you my wife

This is getting a new, from the ground up translation releasing on the 24th anniversary (May 27th), I suggest holding off until then for those interested in it like myself.
If you're wondering what the benefits will be over the Project Nemo team, it'll translate contents of the AppendDisc and Mission 00, among other new benefits.

it's hard to avoid hyperbole here but murder dog iv is really one of the games that's made me laugh hardest. every outcome elevates the satire and the humor. the way it takes the format of ace attorney and uses it to skewer the justice system and the very conceit of justice in western society is so silly and ambitious. love how much it indicts policing and revels in the hypocrisy of state violence and necropolitics/biopower. the mouthy sandy alex g music video looking talking head dog sprite in the bottom... adorable, so true. for a jam game this feels really fully conceived, very little fat here. astute, absurd, funny. the blueprint for satire in games. love to revisit this now and then.

played most of the campaign with KB0 as well as some beginning stages with some online randos
fun as dumb co-op bullshit but i can't justify giving it a positive rating on account of it not being good, or well made
wesker has that unspoken 2009 rizz though. mercenaries is fun. they should just move the game to australia or something in the remake

not my adol. "that fruit looks delicious", no, my adol doesn't talk. my adol potentially doesn't even like fruit. he wouldn't say
too much rpg and flash guard sucks..

what the street fighter community is experiencing with ken right now is akin to what i guess the tekken community experienced with paul 21 years ago (he is unemployed)