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Answer These 10 Questions And I'll Tell You What Kind of Lover You Are
Answer These 10 Questions And I'll Tell You What Kind of Lover You Are

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If you are familiar with my Letterboxd account, you know that when I give something a 4 out of 5, that means I would recommend it to everyone. That description is stretching it for this game, which I would recommend to everyone... who is willing to trudge through a generic opening and boring main quest to get to the meat of the Nemesis system. The Nemesis system, however, might be the greatest piece of ludonarrative design I have ever seen. The game remembers so many things you wouldn't have thought it would, and your actions are reflected back at you. When a game makes me emotional about a procedurally generated ally turning against me, that's how you know it's great. Overall, the graphics and main story might be shit, and the mechanics might be just a slightly revised version of Batman Arkham mechanics, but I will always cherish my time in Mordor, and I can't wait to jump in again.

Wow. It has been a while since I played a game this good. It transitions extremely well from "arthouse synesthesia experience" to "extremely stressful shooter." Even without much of a plot, it succeeds so well as a gameplay and cultural experience that it earns a place in my Hall of Fame.
Also, after playing I used the Grove Dictionary of Art to look up Wassily Kandinsky, which probably shows how much of an art history nerd I am.

"Do you want to watch the fireworks?"
It took only seven minutes for this to wreck me. The ending could have been handled a tiny bit better, but I can still easily say this is in my top 10 favorite games of all time.
Edit: I was considering putting this in my GOTY awards, but it is under 30 minutes, so I feel like that is unfair to games this year that maintained a structural cohesion over a much longer playtime.