Terra forms are cool due to their utility in vgc, but besides that, eh. I mean look at the towns. There is nothing to do in them besides the gym and some shopping. No npc houses. No additional towers/caves/dungeons/etc in between towns. The open world is cool, but it's much more enjoyable in Legends.

I would say to not buy it, but Pokemon games are and will always be dumb fun. But if you just want the game because of the open world, just play TotK or BotW, if you haven't yet.

This review contains spoilers

Chrono Cross, although it is the canonical sequel to Trigger, is nothing like its predecessor. The combat system, art style, and overall storytelling are different. With that being said, I love this game. The premise of there being two parallel worlds, and being able to explore both of them is a treat. One thing I loved to do was take party members from one world, to talk to their counterparts in the other world. This ranged from a few lines of dialogue to full blown sidequests. Speaking on the characters, not all of them are fleshed out; however, I don't really mind that all too much. To me, the characters all have their own motives to join your party, whether it be the frozen flame, to stop Lynx, or because you gave birth to them in a basement. I vibe with the fact that you can have a party with a bunch of randos who may not be friends, but are in it until the end.
I do understand the gripes that come with the game though. The ending parts of the game are filled with lore dumps, the normal battle theme aint the best, and most importantly, how saving Kid locks you from getting Glenn. Regardless, the overall atmosphere and theme of the game are top notch. Even the smallest action, such as existence, has major implications on the future (I mean look at the consequences of Serge surviving the Panther). Every living thing influences the course of time and life itself, making no single being useless. This all culminates with probably the best end credits theme I've heard in a while. Gosh I love this game.

This is such a frantic fighting game. DP being only two buttons, and fatal counter punishes doing 75% make this game crazy, and I love it. 4.5 stars only because of narukami normals and sho 5A

This game is great, but i prefer melee

This game did not have to be goated, but it was anyway

Of the mario and luigi games, this is the one that really needed to be remade before alphadream went under

The speedrunning aspect of this game alone makes me happy

My sister and I used play London Party all day

The game itself was pretty butt, but the VGC formats were really fun. I still hate the ttar excadrill combo

Why did you get rid of the cabinet ROUND 1. FUCK YOU