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Great impression being my first Metroid game! My highlights would be how satisfying the parry system feels and the fluidity of every animation in the game.
My biggest complaint would be some of the controls felt confusing on what combo of buttons to hold down, I'd often end up doing something else than what I wanted. Got a hold of it by the very end as you don't have much of a choice with that final boss.

Insanely addicting while I was playing it, faded immediately after I stopped. Simultaneously a 5 star genre-defining game and a 1 star Skinner box masquerading as a game.

I played this for like 3 months straight every day last summer and in September I just sort of stopped for some reason. The game is fun for a while but I think there's just too little things to do and progress towards after you finish the 'campaign'.
I think you have to have a lot of patience and creativity to make steady progress through the post-game where your efforts are focused on terraforming, decorating, and redesigning your island and I didn't really have the motivation to stick it through. Maybe I'll jump back in sometime in the future.

Most winning runs end with a long boring stretch of being mostly unkillable. I'm really not sure why runs are so long.
There are better dopamine-drip time wasters that are completely free.

I don't think it makes it better when the former coinslot designer explicitly says he wants to take your time instead of your money.

Exo One grows on you as its level design develops — the relatively simplistic early levels growing more complex as mechanics are added (or subtracted) and new twists are added to its stunning set of environments. And driving the player through those strange and sometimes wondrous planets is a gorgeous soundtrack filled with moody, contemplative tracks that, for me, are the game's lasting highlight. All-in-all, it's a wondrous, moody, atmospheric game that captures the scale of outer space in a way few games have.
Or, in short, it's like Denis Villeneuve decided to remake Journey and Interstellar at the same time, as a game about falling with style.

The most video game video game of all time. In a sitcom, when the idiot teenage son is playing games instead of doing homework, this is what's on the TV.
I've wasted a catastrophic amount of time on this game and I'm honestly not even good at it. Thank god runs are capped at 30 minutes. Be fuckin careful with this thing.

I hated this so much it made me re-evaluate my scoring system.
There's no point to Vampire Survivors at all. At least other games I hate like Castlevania Adventure or Metroid 1 have obstacles to overcome, goals to reach and mechanics to master. Vampire Survivors technically has those, but the game essentially plays itself most of the time. All you really do is walk around to level up which lets you kill things a little faster than you did before. Even walking sims, at the VERY least, will usually attempt to convey an emotion or tell a story through some sort of abstract way. I felt absolutely nothing playing Vampire Survivors.
I'm not gonna say it killed my family and pissed on my bed since it's dirt cheap and even free on mobile, but the fact that I'm relieved I didn't even spend $5 for it on PC says a lot. In fact, instead of buying Vampire Survivors, here's just a few games that cost $5 (not on sale) or less that you should buy instead!
DOOM (or DOOM II, or DOOM 64)
Plants Vs. Zombies
Super Hexagon
Geometry Dash
and many many more!
I feel like a fucking crazy person seeing the amount of people who fell in love with this. If you want a roguelike, play Gungeon. If you want bullet hell, also play Gungeon. Just play Gungeon.

Rather than being another set of "make it to the end" levels, Octo Expansion opts for a surprisingly challenging set of bite-sized stages instead. You'll be guiding a ball to its goal, taking down revamped bosses from the original campaign, die countless of times trying to impossibly defend an orb, and a bunch more as there's plenty of variety. This is all on top of a new story that definitely sticks with the Splatoon style all the way up to the end.

solid puzzle game, brain hurts

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