I love visual novels / interactive fiction / pretentious indie games / liveservice grindathons

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also i rate almost every 3-3.5 because i am bad at rating things

also also might play nsfw games, don't judge me
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If Steam had a middle ground option, I'd absolutely pick that and if you're a fan of Hussie's work (or Joker (2019)), I still think this is worth checking out because there are some really great moments and I still believe the beginning of this Visual Novel is very very strong. The first chapter has some especially relatable moments if you're someone who does creative work for a living and has to promote online. Ultimately though, Psycholonials feels unfocused and hollow.

A comment on Reddit once said that it feels like there's not much difference between reading Psycholonials yourself and having someone describe the plot/events to you, which I very much agree with. This isn't a gripe at the lack of interaction since kinetic Visual Novels have been around for a long time, that's fine with me. However, the story is rifled with timeskips, and they often happen when things get interesting, meaning it feels like a lot of plot/character development is very rushed as it seemingly happens off screen. Joculine probably being the best example of this.

Each chapter is pretty short, maybe around 30 to 40 minutes and it often felt like the story was spending time in the wrong areas. There's also a lot of inconsistency in regards to realism which took me out of the story a few times

The start of Psycholonials is fantastic because the story has a small scope. As it gets bigger and bigger, the constraints of 40 minute episodes just can't keep up and do the premise justice. Some people will say that the point of this story is that there's no satisfying ending or that there's no point at all - which sure that's fair and valid, but also doesn't free it from criticism

Psycholonials was originally released one episode per week and I would be super hyped for each release, because I was enjoying it so much. I could barely wait for the next chapter but about half way through, I started to realize that my enjoyment was dwindling. Now that every chapter has been released, you can read the story in one go and I think that'll make it a lot more enjoyable and that reading it in 40 minute increments every week genuinely harmed my perception of it

I won't say too much because of spoilers but the ending didn't do it for me either. I will say though, the surreal visuals are great and the soundtrack slaps. I also really like Abby and Z as characters, even if I wish we'd seen more

Very short and simple, in that it took me about 15 minutes to beat, but I'm happy to throw a few pounds at small indie games like this - great atmosphere with some neat decision making

It's an okay game that has a HUGE amount of potential. Ultimately, I'm glad I grabbed this while it was free since I'd probably feel a bit disappointed if I paid for it

Essentially, it's Lethal Company but you're Youtubers, so the enjoyment of the game largely comes down to you and your friends being funny, which is fine, these types of games can be great! I like that you're forced to confront the monsters to do good, instead of always running away, even if a lot of them just kinda stun lock or instakill you

My main issues are:

- The Ragdoll physics add a ton of comedy but the way your camera view wobbles a bunch for just turning your mouse or moving slightly is kinda unpleasant/nauseating
- The camera doesn't have a whole lot of battery with seemingly no way to upgrade it, but I get you wanna keep the videos short
- The dungeons you go into are pretty bland, with the same texture usually laid over everything. They're also super huge, which kinda makes me miss Lethal Company's incentive to search for items. Generally monsters appear without a whole lot of warning too, so it's a lot of stumbling around an empty environment until sudden jumpscare noise
- Voice chat is generally pretty quiet. Promixity chat is one of the best parts about these types of games but in CW, you basically need to all be on top of each other to hear and even then, it can still not be enough. This is especially noticable when you play back the videos you make, where a lot of the funny jokes you made can barely be heard

That being said, I think this game is a few updates away from potentially being super amazing. The ideas and core gameplay loop are fantastic