10/10 - you'll only play a few games this good in your life, savor them
9/10 - amazing, you won't shut up about it for a while
8/10 - must-play
7/10 - definitely worth your time, just not amazing
6/10 - play it once
5/10 - play it if you want
4/10 - maybe it could be a guilty pleasure?
3/10 - moderate pain
2/10 - put the controller down after a half-hour
1/10 - put the controller down after 5 minutes
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Water, Ear - er Lightening, Fire, Air
Long ago, the four Divine Beasts lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Calamity attacked. Only the Hero of Time, master of all four runes, could stop it. But, when Hyrule needed him most, he vanished. One-hundred years pass by and my Wii U and I discover the new Hero of Time: a young swordsman named Link, and, though his weapon-breaking skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone.
But, I believe, Link will dick around in shrines for 150 hours then watch Zelda save the world.

Every frame of this game has me questioning my grip on reality.
I pull cows from flowers and protect them from aliens. I use a mouse in a cage to start a meat grinder and use it for transportation. I take a break from floating through an intestine pinball machine to participate in a game show. Have you called the men in white coats yet?
Even barring the surreal level themes, this game is bizarre metatextually as well: how are the difficulty spikes this sharp? How can a hour-long game have almost no consistency in terms of gameplay? How did anyone ever finish this game before the switch's rewind feature? This game is making me crazy.
If you want an acid trip, smoke some weed and watch a lets play. If you want a fair, balanced platformer, play something else.

You can't outdo perfection, but this was a valiant attempt.
This game honestly reminded me of Spyro 2 Reignited in that it's a really good game and you should absolutely play it, but I can't bring myself to say it's better than the original. In both instances: improvements from the source material are present but rare, The voice acting is missing some of the original's distinct charm, and some(not many but some) of my favorite elements from the original were weft out.
If you want my full feelings about this game, just read my review of the original RE4 and note that this is that with a bit less enjoyable camp, a touch weaker voice acting, and a few less memorable set pieces.
Believe me: this game is amazing, and I'd be a lot more excited about it is it wasn't riding on the heels of one of the all-time greats, but those are big shoes to fill. Still, I feel this remake did the 2005 original justice, it just didn't replace it.