10/10 the greatest platformer ever created. David Wise is a God

Smelly old game. Unplayable and unfun

The first 60 seconds of the game was the most gripping and engaging 60 seconds of any game I've ever played. The rest of the game is a fun puzzle platormer that tells a thought proving story through its enviroment

Nintendo Masterclass
Nothing more needs to be said

Wow. This might just be the most beautiful game I've ever played. Absolutely stunning enviroments that will completely floor you. To think this game originated on the Wii is mindblowing. I held out on getting the Wii version for the longest time and I'm glad I did. The increased graphical fidelity enriches the landscapes to a deeper level. The story is phenomenal and is one of the best stories ever seen by video game standards. Now the gameplay can become a bit mundane with the amount of travelling but it can also be it's greatest strength as it let's you fully take in its environments, it's very much a double edged sword. The combat is mechanically rich but it won't be everyone's cup of tea. I very much enjoyed it but it was by no means the greatest thing ever. Overall a stunning game that's well worth the 100 hours. 9/10

This game is weird. From its janky controls, at times its odd level design to its obscure and odd looking characters that have yet to return in another game. Despite all that the game is fun with great enviroments, good music and solid platforming. 6/10

Not too far in. Game plays itself sometimes and I kinda suck at the combat. Still, I can still see and respect the game's ambition amd story telling. Will be finishing soon

Greatest game ever made. Peak gaming