I can pick up PZ any time really and enjoy it. It has a lot of content and is satisfying to play. It's sad how infrequent updates can be now. The team has increased and the scope of each update is huge, but some drip-fed small updates with a few new features wouldn't go a-miss.

Great survival game,

I want to love this game so much. Most things about it like the story, graphics and writing is amazing. But I can't get past the gameplay. I just can't enjoy the RNG when it comes to trying to hit stuff. I even tried playing it with cheats to bypass combat but it just doesn't work.

Picked it up to mess around. Good nostalgia hit but doesn't quite feel like it did back in the day.

Played on my friends PSVR2 for a test. Only played a few levels but it's a cute game that seems perfect to play if you want to teach your friends VR basics.

Interesting to see where some of the characters come from in Season 2, but you could 100% skip it and it'd make so little difference. The characters that do appear have basically no impact on anything. I get that it's hard to implement big-time characters based on player choice, especially this many, but just anything more would have been nice.

I think it could have been really hit or miss on where the series went next, but I feel it made the right choices. This is the furthest I've gotten in TWD game series so I'm excited to try out the rest.

Lee is probably one of my favourite protagonists. Really is a great start to The Walking Dead video game series. A great experience.

One of the best PS1 games to have that classic PlayStation "crunch" - always a fun one to go through when I have some time spare.

Completed many times before, shelved this time because it crashed on the Voldemort/Qurriel fight and sent me back quite a way (my fault for not saving).

I found this one to be a bit rougher to play than I did in previous times. I ended up using cheats, because the slog of dying, loading up a game, getting back to a mission and trying again was an exhausting feeling.

There was some interesting new characters, though the story was quite 'contained' - not awful, you're not missing much if you skip it but I'd say it's worth at least playing once for the experience.

I love San Andreas so much. It's one of my favourites in the GTA series. You can tell this one had a bit more love than the other two GTA Defnitives but it's still broken. The radio will sometimes stop, it stutters in the towns, some garages, like the police garage, are just not accessible due to broken invisible walls and the list goes on. I had a good time but I'd probably have had a better one just playing the originals. The only reason I went through it was for the achievements.

Honestly, for III, VC and SA, just play the originals.

Great puzzle game to go through with a friend. A fun story that goes throughout the whole series. If you've got a pal to play through it with, do it.

Mmmmm! That's good Spyro. My favourite Spyro game and one of my favourites of all time. I love picking it up and doing a level or two between other things. Fantastic game.

L4D2 just does it right. I can't really explain it, but it does. I can infinitely pick this game up and go through the campaigns. If you get bored there's so many fan made maps that are incredibly made, and thousands of mods to tweak everything from visuals to mechanics. Great alone or with some friends.

I love Vice City. This version is... pretty, I guess? It brings proper controller functionality (on Steam anyways, I've heard the Epic version doesn't work but I can't confirm) but just like III, these remasters feel pointless. Apart from real controller support, it doesn't do much that mods couldn't achieve.

They've also upped the vehicle density, but they didn't fix the AI at all, so you're gonna see a lot of cars just slamming into each other, flipping and exploding, driving like maniacs and a lot of other stuff. It can make for some funny times, but it also looks weird.

I played this game at the beginning and it was great. Being chased, trying to escape and working together with random teammates was really thrilling.

Over the years though, it seems the developers got greedy, a lot of the player base got toxic and everything just went south. It got to the point where I couldn't even find a game in matchmaking when I decided I was finished.

I wish they didn't license characters either. Their original killers are really cool, but they decided to put in Michael, who is honestly the worst looking rendition I've ever seen.

When I can find a game, every now and then, I have a great time. But the rest of the time, I'm stuck with griefers, which I assume makes a bad time for the killer, too. Shame, too. I remember having the time of my life back in 2016.