I first played this with the only Suda thing I could clearly remember being Killer Is Dead, and without really having played any main Kill the Past stuff. Having gone through Suda's main body of work, working my way back to this again, I can now fully enjoy this game. It is Suda pulling everything together for the ultimate gamer "I clapped." It shows such a lover for video games, it has the soul, blah blah blah kino kino kino. shit rocks.

Red Dead Redemption, I think, runs itself a little thin.

The first act is a fun enough "heist-like" story line of getting into a fort. Gathering allies and supplies to support it, meeting likeable characters, all spear-lined by the very enjoyable protag that is John Marston.

Once it reaches Act 2 (Mexico), it is still going for a little bit, but it ultimately feels like a fucking slog. Maybe that's on purpose to get us to feel like Marston, because god knows he's just as frustrated as being led along by a bunch of unlikeable characters. The Landon Rickets missions have the only really enjoyable character in all of Mexico; the army's leader is a terrible terrible facist, and the revolutionary's leader is also just weirdly gross too. Not a lot of gameplay variety with the missions too, and the game wears itself very thin. The horse riding mission to mission isn't very engaging, I don't really think its bad for their realistic cowboy sim, but it doesn't engross me.

Act 3 is good, feels a little short for how important Dutch is. Also just got angry with the normal Rockstar'd in some missions here (and in Mexico). You know what I mean, I want to try and experiment in a mission, but I can't. There should be way more options for non-lethal. The lasso is extremely fun to me, and I can barely use it in the main missions. Hell there was even I side mission where I had to duel someone, and was forced to kill him instead of shooting the gun out his hand. Its just frustrating.

Act 4 is a good bookend. I like seeing Marston engaging in dialogue with his family, having likeable people again. It does feel short however and the ending kind of just happens. I do think it is kind of kino how that switch plays out, but the story does kind of just peters out.

Overall, yeah this probably is quintessential cowboy media if you want to do a realistic cowboy sim (Red Dead 2 is probably even better than this for that), but I barely even engaged with the open world aspect. And if I didn't really engage too much with the world, I don't see what I really gained from this except seeing what was up with this 7th gen mega hit.

Killer Is Dead has got to be my second favourite Suda game. The writing and cutscene direction is off the roof with this one. It has this whole vibe to it that hits me just right. Mondo is extremely fucking cool (and he's voiced by JP from Redline, hard to get much cooler than that).

The gameplay is also pretty satisfying too. Its not as in depth as a DMC, it is pretty "mash X to attack," but it works better for its style of combo meter in which once you hit like 40, whenever you kill an enemy you can execute them and choose a resource for them to drop. It becomes really fun to try to use the fun witch timey dodge counter attacks to build up combo to become this flying death.

You also know this game is raw because it has Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 "From the New World."

A fun little romp with kind of enjoyable shooting. Its at least passable. The looks are good. The music is top notch.

The gameplay gets a little annoying on the last 2 bosses because they just last too long. The shotgun equivalent weapon also just sucks because it doesnt scatter, just a pinpoint shotgun on a console shooter.

The jokes are also just like terrible. Most of the time they are just out of place, along with being like too crude. No idea if that was a Suda decision, or a EA Decision.

Overall this did feel like a definitive 7th gen game.

This definitely feels like a sequel. The type of sequel where its more of what people liked, but overall lacking totally.

The bosses before the top 10 were super piss easy (im pretty sure thats the point, but still kind of lame.) The top 10 were way better and felt like normal bosses. They all had good designs though.

I also hated the minigames in this one compared to one. Im just an 8-bit hater.

I don't think I get this as much as Suda's past games. I love raw goat kino swag stuff, but idk this one didn't strike the "Raw Bone" in me as other games have. It's fun and paced well. Jeane is like a top tier design for me though, gotta love Suda for that one.

This feels like what people say Planescape Torment is supposed to be, but way, way better.

Part 1 is probably my least favourite, I just dont like monster sacrifices as a summoning resource

Part 2 is cool, experimenting with the different mechanics at once is cool, except the Gem cards don't seem particularly fun when you only have 4 spaces to summon in (as showcased in the very final duel of the game).

Part 3 is my favourite, I like the idea of exploring a 3D area more than just moving across a map in part 1. The upgrades you get are funner, and I just prefer traditional mana gain.

I just do not get the appeal of these levels. I only made it through 9 of them, but they seemed more like combat encounters than fun to play levels. I played on Hurt me Plenty and holy shit the amount of enemies they throw at you is insane, just feels like a slog.


Just tried replaying this now, and idk I just find the missions kind of annoying, and then free play just requires you to spend in game money to unlock shit, just let me play the damn game.

You know that feeling where you are having some existential dread, fearing for your short life and that you will die and become nothing, where your brain feels like its shaking and you are pleading for it to fucking stop. This game induces that feeling.

Yup, its literally just one really small room with the Christmas atmosphere. You can glitch the game to pick up and hold every item at once though.

I have played this game is beta. It used to be really fun, and I still think it has fun locked inside of it, but I have come to realize that it has become harder and harder to unearth that fun. I want to keep playing this because I have enjoyed playing quite a few decks, I love some of the cards, but It just doesn't allow me to have that fun anymore.

Broken Reality is a fascinating and mesmerizing romp through a decaying internet. I love these small indie games that are weird first person adventure games. They are usually VERY endearing to me, and this one even has insane visuals to go with it. Probably 2nd favourite game style wise (behind Lego Island).

There is also the bonus of this being so heavily Vaporwave inspired. I was super heavy into that shit in high school so this is just gonna hit me harder. Getting a bunch of songs from real vaporwave artists just adds to it. This also has probably one of my favourite gaming musical experiences with the very last sequence in this game.

An open world Ben 10 game sounds amazing. Being able to swap between different aliens for different combat movesets and mobility options just makes my mouth salivate. This however, is a game made for 5 year olds.