Way too short for it's own good, it had good Zelda style combat, but can be beaten in like 40 minutes. I get the point is replayability but to me it doesn't quite justify it's price.

This should be better than the first game and technically it is, not sure why but it lacks some of the charm and easy to pick up and play the original had.

Very fun and easy to pick up and play for a few minutes, Simple yet addictive.

This game has some of the best environmental puzzle solving in a Zelda game, with the use of this games wall painting gimmick. All the dungeon items/dungeons are a blast as well.

While only being like an hour of game, I replay the levels due to just how fun the game is, that I have like 15 hours in it. Easy to pick up and play, easy to revisit.

Everything I've wanted from a new classic sonic game. Level design and gameplay is near perfect to me. The music and spite work are some of the best in the industry. Only wish there were more original level themes.

My favorite sonic game with 3D elements. This and Mania are peak gameplay. I would endlessly replay the levels in this game. Music, graphics, physics, level design are all amazing. A true anniversary game in every sense of the word.

Kind of a bad sequel to one of the best tales of games. Even as a kid I only kind of liked it, which usually means it's not very good. The new characters from what I remember just suck, minus the main villain. Returning characters are watered down as well

I loved this game. Too much charm in its music and graphics. Short but in the best and replayable way possible.

My favorite game ever in a low resolution. But it was an admirable attempt to put a game of this scale on a 480p handheld.

A heartfelt and heartbreaking story. Fun 3D person shooter gameplay with a solid mix of stealth. Not perfect, but 5 stars is what it means to me, cause nothing is perfect.

Great foundation for the series, but it's really rough nowadays. Most other mega man games are better in some way.

I love this game thoroughly. All four campaigns are nearly perfect with Plague of Shadows being the only exception. Too much fun and content in a retro style game.

Some of the most creative kirby gets with its level themes and abilities. New additions like doctor and poison are so much fun. The robobot armor is probably the best gimmick the series has made so far, with it being AWESOME and varied.