I used to only play Nintendo games but as of a few years ago I started developing an interest in games just as a whole and now I'm completely branched out and trying to play as many great games as possible. I probably haven't played and reviewed your favorite game yet but give me time and I'll get there.

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2.5 Stars= 5/10: Just as much good as there is bad
2 Stars= 4/10: A bad game that's so close to being passable
1.5 Stars= 3/10: Pretty bad
1 Stars= 2/10: Comically terrible game
0.5 Stars= 1/10: One of the worst games ever made, do not play under any circumstances

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Jul 07

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I have started Sonic Mania several times before, and yet for whatever reason have always stopped just short of the finish line, never truly being able to take it off of the backlog for good. Well today I decided to change that and sat down, restarted the game, and didn't get off the couch until it was finished, and let me tell ya, it was a damn good way to spend a few hours. I've never been a huge 2D Sonic fan, but Mania and it's genuinely great gameplay does a lot to bridge that gap. The momentum-based levels all feel really fun and fresh, and I think a large part of this is their insistence on using new ideas to change things up in every act. In every zone Act 1 plays out like the standard fair allowing you to get a feel for the level you're in and take in the environment's sights and sounds, while Act 2 turns all that you just learned on it's head someway and introduces new level mechanics and typically changes the background and remixes the music to make the level feel even more off the walls and fun to blast through. This approach to level design is genius and makes me not really dread any particular zone too much as I know it has the potential to go off in the next act if I'm not digging the initial vibe it's laying down. Of course there are a few areas I wasn't a huge fan of, more specifically towards the end of the game, I wasn't a big fan of the act 1 in Mirage Saloon where you're almost entirely on Tails' plane the whole time, Hydrocity felt like a step down from the original in Sonic 3, and Oil Ocean was a zone that was awful in it's original game and is still awful here, but the rest of the zones in the game are phenomenal and really fun to play through. My only other slight criticism here would be in the use of the lives system, something I feel is just kinda outdated at this point. I get that Mania is trying to replicate that classic Sonic feel but I feel like it could still do thta extrodinarily well without relying on such an outdated system like lives are. Maybe I'm just bad but 3 lives does not seem like it's enough for how easily you can get killed in this game if you're not careful, on top of that if you lose all these lives and get a game over you will restart at act 1 of whatever zone you're on. This specifically made me mad because towards the end of the game the harder boss fights would always be in the act 2's of each zone and if I couldn't beat the boss with the amount of lives I had left I would have to replay the whole zone over again despite being right there on the cusp of beating it which was just infuriating to me. Apart from these minor gripes though Sonic Mania is still an incredible game, one that looks, sounds and plays like the perfect 2D Sonic game and one that will be really hard to ever top. It just goes to show the great effects of what letting indie developers who are fans of your series making their own entry can do.

Whenever the conversation of the best 2D Platformer comes up Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest is always one of the first mentioned, and after years of it sitting on my backlog I finally took the time, sat down and played this game to see if those claims are true. Now that I've played the game though, at the risk of sounding like a contrarian, I just don't think it's worthy of the title that so many lob at it. Despite my disconnect with the endless praise this game gets though, let me be clear, I did still enjoy the game for the most part. I think the main thing that makes this game good is it's level variety. DKC2 excels in making levels that all feel distinct from one another and challenge the player in a variety of ways and that's something to be commended. The world themes were also way different than anything you'd seen in a modern day homogenized 2D platformer which was really cool also. My main problem with the levels has to be the difficulty. The platforming in the original DKC games is really tight and the characters have a weight to them that only adds to this, so if you overshoot your jump just a little and try to correct mid-air then you're probably gonna fall off anyways. Diddy and Dixie are also very fragile and it only takes one hit to kill them both, combine this with enemies typically having very large hitboxes and only small areas to jump on and kill them if any at all, and you get platforming made even tighter and more difficult. And then there's the level design that makes things challeneging as well. For as good as the level design is in this game it feels like every 1 out of 3 levels has an absolute stinker of a level that is designed to make me rip my hair out, each with some sadistic gimmick that while cool in concept is absolutely infuriating in execution. The animal buddies in this game just feel like a step down from the ones in the first game and some of them are absolutely infuriating to use and I groan audibly whenever they appear in a level (I'm looking at you Rattley). In every other aspect apart from gameplay DKC2 shines though, the music composed by the legendary David Wise is as good as ever and the visual style and character and world design is charming and endearing. Despite all I've said against it I still did enjoy DKC2, it carries that old SNES Rareware charm and the platforming while tight and frustrating at times is still really enjoyable at its base. Even if it's not the exact game for me I'm glad that this game has endured and been enjoyed for decades and will be for decades to come.

I knew from the first time that I beat Hades that it was one of my favorite games of all time, and it still is. What I didn't know though, was that I hadn't really beat Hades, more like I beat 1/10th of it. I had stopped where the common man would stop and left all the best parts of it out to dry. This playthrough was different though, this playthrough I challeneged myself to see the true ending of the game no matter how long it takes or how difficult and arduous it gets, and let me just say this only enhanced what was already a great game.

I haven't stuck with many rougelikes, and that is quite litterally because Hades ruined the genre for me by being the best one. Combat in this game is quick and incredibly varied, there's no one way to or style that cna be singled out as the best, it's all just up to the player's playstyle which is really genius. Moreso the chamber reward system and temporary upgrades you get that are essential to gameplay really do a good job at making you feel like you're getting somewhere. Whether it be a weapon enhancement boon from the pantheon of Greek gods, money to spend at the boatman's shop, or health upgrades to ensure that you get farther in the run, these rewards that you get simply for surviving a chamber full of enemies add up and make you feel like an overpowered beast by late in the run. The sheer variety of builds that you can make while on a run ensures that no two runs ever feel the same and makes going for another one feel fresh and addictive. And then there's the Mirror of Night and the upgrade system attached to it that sets this game apart so well. Where other rougelikes are actively against the player, not allowing them to keep anything from their runs or get any leg up that they didn't have before, through this immaculately designed system in the game Hades rejects that philosophy and rewards players for simply trying. By taking the darkness currency you get within runs by menas of chamber rewards or beating bosses, you can spend that at the mirror to get permanent upgrades that give you a leg up and help you in your runs going forward. Simply put; the game wants you to win and doesn't discourage you for trying and failing. On top of all this there's also side quests in form of the list of minor prophecies that you are heavily rewarded for going for and completing, and a whole slew of self-inflicted challenges of ways to change up the gameplay and keep things interesting.

Though the gameplay is the main star of the show here, Hades also excels in nearly every other category as well. Visually the game is straight up eye candy, the artstyle is full of striking colors and great detail on everything. The music is also phenomenal, mixing traditional Greek instruments with metal to make a soundtrack that goes incredibly hard. The Greek mythology setting and style makes this game distinct and stand apart and seeing the developers' versions of characters, beasts, and locations of Greek myth is really cool. Finally though, we get to the story which despite seeming simple at first develops into something really good and unexpected. The plot focuses on Zagreus, the son of Hades who feeling he doesn't belong in the underworld sets out to escape and make it to the surface to meet his mother, a simple yet effective motivation. As things go on though he finds himself dealing with the problems between him and his father as well as searching for the true reason his mother left and trying to covince her to return home, it's depressing and emotional at times but also heartwarming and meaningful and by the end of it I was satisfied with the great story this game told.

The last subject I wanna touch in here is the amount of content in Hades. I said at the beginning of the review that I had only ever really played 1/10th of the game and that's true, that 1/10th is what I assume most people playing it would stop at. Seeing as the main plot of the game is to simply escape the underworld you'd think once you finally make it that would be where the game ends, and, well it certainly can be. If you're satisfied with fighting the final boss and making it to the surface just once than good for you, you've done the hardest part and nothing more is required of you. Unfortunately though, and with as little spoilers as possible, something happens that makes Zagreus return back to the Underworld by the end of it all and to get the true ending where everything in his story is resolved you need to battle out 9 more times. The process of getting the true ending is long and if you want it to be can be more challenging, but in the end it's just more Hades, and more of the best rougelike money can buy is an expereince worth having in my eyes. On top of this true ending the game adds ways to spice things up after you escape for the first time by using the Pact of Punishment or going for some of the larger pophecies on the list you get, there truly is nearly no end to the game and it's all meaningful and fun content that keeps me coming back for more simply by nature and not obligation.

Though it took me several years to realize I hadn't gotten the true ending I can now finally say that I have 100% and without a shadow of a doubt "beaten" Hades. And yet despite knowing that I've seen nearly all this game has to offer, I can still see myself coming back. It's unrivaled gameplay, endearing characters, fantastic story, and boatloads of content will always keep me coming back for more and I absolutely cannot wait for the full release of Hades 2.