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This game gets repetitive. Right? Of course it does. Once you git gud enough to escape once it gets repetitive. Game grows stale, put down game and play different game. But you don't. You keep doing it until you get the true ending. And then you keep doing it until you unlock all the aspects and experiment with every boon and Daedalus buff. And then you keep doing it because you want to max out everyone's affection and deck out the House with fun furniture that angers your dad, and maybe even date someone, or play the lyre, or achieve more pointless Ranks, or do increasingly absurd challenge runs, or maybe you've just become so accustomed to the small dopamine hits granted by this game's satisfying combat system that you just. Can't. Stop.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be done playing Hades.

looking back to the miserable state of the games industry in the seventh generation, i have to say that the feverish cries to find the citizen kane of gaming - basically paltry, philistine shorthand for the holy grail of the medium, a work that legitimizes the practice and is enshrined in the canon - were super funny, not only because of the obvious nod to that works strengths with relation to filmmaking (which cant be replicated in games wholesale), but also way more specifically because that movie is the direct result of several contextual, social, and political factors that basically 100% mean games will literally never, ever get their own citizen kane. the last of us, for a time, was that 'citizen kane', in the eyes of many. which is insane because this title introduces literally nothing new in the AAA environ through either storytelling, mechanics, or structure (even when it was released it was patchwork pastiche of everything that came before it) and on top of that it was heavily corporate funded focus-tested prestige slush which in effect fully betrays the idea of this game being a ‘citizen kane’ type. a citizen kane of the medium would have to do more than be soulless and perfunctory interactivity Big Video Games decide for you has artistic merit - i'd even go one step further to say that if anything, Big Video Games would probably frown on the citizen kane of video games, similarly to how orson welles legacy was attacked and dismantled by hollywoods vanguard again and again, and again and again and again. it amuses me this is happening yet again with god of war but what can i say i guess it's tough being a sore winner

this game is my house. i live here. all the caves using the same map is a feature, not a bug.
in all seriousness, i think this game has one of the best story arcs out of any game i've ever played. it's a poignant drama about one rag-tag group of outsiders in one horrible, amazing city, and how they all affect each other. it's got some clumsy aspects, and they clearly ran out of time for some things, but overall it feels good to play, looks good for its time, and conveys its story spectacularly.

You can jump out of a helicopter to crash a pool party listening to Power by Kanye West


murdering politicians MIGHT be ok guys