this counts as therapy i think

soooo many thoughts on returning to this nearly a decade later. still love the characters and gameplay, not so much the uh. blatant military propaganda? also ME1 garrus has uh CERTAINLY AGED in 2021. 2 is still the star of the trilogy by far, 1 was improved somewhat but still very clunky. it's far from perfect, but i can't help the smile that comes on my face when i gain a party member's loyalty or i open up the galaxy map and hear that beautiful music. tl;dr it's mixed feelings zone but 3.5 stars for commander shepard i still luv her

It's not a perfect game, but it means so much to me and I keep coming back to it periodically. Definitely my favourite of the Persona series.

you've seen one Sad Grizzled White Dad game you've seen em all. voice acting is good and that's about it.

I would really love to see this game get a remake more than any other Tales. The story is the best in the series and the characters are unforgettable, but unfortunately the gameplay hasn't aged amazingly well and the dungeons are tiresome. It's a classic for a reason, though, and Karma by Bump of Chicken is THEE all-time banger.

This review contains spoilers

tentative rating cuz i haven't finished chiru yet.....i have many Thoughts. i think it's mostly very good and ch. 3 was especially engaging/twisty. the most interesting characters to me are the four aunts -- even if i don't like all of them as people, boy are they compelling and kept me turning the...text boxes? i also really liked the interactions between maria and ange -- those got to me. the questionable reality of it all and the absurd logic arguments between beatrice and battler were brain-melting in an incredibly fun way. i enjoyed the overall themes of empathy and generational trauma and i expect they will be explored further in the sequel.

the anime boobie jokes that creep in here and there are annoying as hell and take away from the commentary the game is trying to make about sexism. i also feel like there are too many minor characters. idk what purpose certain demons/furniture serve aside from fanservice...the chiester sisters, for instance, could've been condensed into one girl without much of value being lost (perhaps i'll eat my words when i'm done chiru). it also suffers from a lot of scenes that are unnecessarily long -- key word being unnecessarily. i love reading and have no issue with a work of fiction being wordy, just so long as all those words serve a point...but certain scenes just dragged on forever and i felt my eyes glazing over. (the fight scenes at the end of chapter 4 were the worst example of this for me.)

still, very intriguing mystery and i liked it enough to go ahead with part 2. beatrice is great and i definitely want to know what's up with her!! oh and the music absolutely WHIPS

was fun & addictive for a while but I quit for a multitude of reasons. it got way too grindy, the inspo for the hilichurls was EXTREMELY uncomfortable, the company is just crummy in general and has incredibly poor customer support, eula's family thing all in all i decided it's not worth me wasting my life anymore.

Okay....amazing battle system, interesting characters, STELLAR soundtrack, and fun art direction. Why didn’t I finish it? Because you literally have to replay all the bosses like 4 times. Why they did this, I still don’t know. Anyway, 3.5/5 best game I will never finish ever.

You’re welcome to murder me but I wasn’t that into it. Objectively I think it's a cool game but it wasn't to my personal tastes.

Not quite as good as Trendsetters but still very addictive

Unironically the most fun business sim game I have ever played

This game has the distinct honour of being the worst I have played in my life. 12 yr old me has yet to recover.

Poop scooping simulator/10