Well it took years and like three startovers because I'm apparently addicted to breaking my phone... but I'm done...
The puzzle design and the translation are a bit janky but it's a solid enough picross game.

I know I'm putting on the size 13 clown shoes having put in 100 hours and saying this, but this game is underbaked, in every sense of the word.
(half a star off for making me look at some of those stupid female character designs)

This review contains spoilers

i enjoyed my time with it but i burned out hard on it and couldn't complete it. also honestly it was depressing to have the empty golden husks of the guys I had helped ascend before floating around. On one hand it’s a great metaphor for the holes people who have passed on leave in your heart. On the other, it is so upsetting to have a literal shadow of your former friend speak in a dead flat manner. Only to be used for your convenience. Couldn’t my mail guy have just turned into a fucking postbox with his hat on it.

A short, sweet game that really reminded me of being a child. Also the birdwatching was very realistic in that like 40% of the birds never stop fucking moving and it's impossible to get a proper picture of them to ID. Yes I am a birdwatcher why do you ask

the mako was easily the worst part of this game. the thing handles like it's on greased ice skates

the citation printing noise is one of the most dreaded noises in my illustrious gaming career. i dont think any other sound could instil that level of AAAAGH in my soul
also if you see an elena baranovsky or something like that come into your checkpoint, that name was submitted by yours truly 😎


i have the rhythm of a sea monkey so i couldn't get past the first stage. i like the game, i just wish the keys were mapped differently

Looks absolutely gorgeous; the art direction is the best part of this game IMO. However when I played this I had JUST finished Bravely Second which really maxed out my tolerance for JRPG Nonsense so I'm not sure if it's me or Octopath Traveller, but I'm probably not going to finish this ever.

This review contains spoilers

Spiritfarer is such a wonderful game! It made me cry Several Times, but the worst one was Alice, as I have firsthand experience of dementia patients.
My only complaint is the end kind of dribbles along and I basically had to commit suicide so I didn't lose all will to complete the game, but it still made me cry so ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

i have only played on public servers with randos bc i have no friends and oh boy has the experience made me reconsider my compassion for human life

it's Very Obvious this game was originally developed for a mobile platform but its really cute so i'll forgive it. plus screwing the screws felt cool because i was using a laptop trackpad.
also if youre a deadset dumbfuck like me you might get annoyed with the fiddlier bits because it's not immediately obviously apparent you didnt put the cogs on in the right order or whatever so Watch Out