very visceral and compellingly described swordfights. the central rivalry comes to incredibly satisfying conclusion. nothing amazing-amazing, but definitely worth checking out if it intrigues you. short, but punchy.
and actually definitely really a yaoi.

i liked when bepis said engage and then engaged all over their enemies.
very charming and full of cheese. hortensia best girl.

waiting for the last half of chapter 3.

i will be that one annoying fan and insist that you play lobotomy corporation first (or get the story via a let's play or whatever your preference is). ruina is a direct sequel and is only improved with proper knowledge and investment in lobcorp.

This review contains spoilers

the shiki population refuses to be culled. how many shiki can a single franchise contain.

spare yourself and use a guide from the beginning. unlocking all of the side stories can be a pain unless you do.

remove ota, and i'd probably bump the game up by another half a star.

projmoon making some choices lately. : \

i do not like that cathedral. i do not like it at all.
(also, the story failed to pick up in any interesting way, so i'm content with putting the game down permanently. just not a game for me!)

a neat little game! i've only played through one-ish or so routes, but i'd like to come back to do other ones in the future! it can get a little repetitive and confusing, however.

played through day 40; read in full.