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keep trying to play this game but i get so bored with it every time, it just doesn't feel like a metroid game at the start which is what i go to metroid games for, surprisingly. will maybe play it again one day

i got in trouble at my nana's once for making a 9/11 joke while playing the plane mode

i struggle to find any value in this game in a modern sense other than interesting speedruns

BOTW DEMAKE ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️



this game clearly takes a lot of inspiration from several other games and does nothing better than any of them
the gameplay is shallow the story is a snoozefest with a boring hackneyed twist the "horror" is laughable and cliched and the characters are annoying as fuck or just underused/developed
if i had to choose between this game and one of those $1 rpg maker 2003 games you can find on steam id take the latter because at least the creator of it probably isnt into little boys

i wish this game got the attention it deserved aside from just the workshop stuff, this is a fantastic platform fighter

Trent Reznor’s infamous “this game has no atmosphere” comment hangs over this the whole way through, and it’s only emphasised by the default Steam installation dumping you into the action at some hellish resolution and with no music. HUP HUP HUPing through barren brown mono-textured halls and caves without any music is really funny.
Fortunately, 10 minutes of looking around on the internet can lead you to any number of drag-and-drop replacements for id/Bethesda’s pathetic offering. I played through this using the Yagami sourceport and restored Sonic Mayhem’s appropriately butt-industrial soundtrack, which made things a lot more pleasant. When Descent Into Cerberon is in full swing and you’re instagibbing stroggs with bunny-hopped shots from the hyperblaster, it just feels fuckin’ great.
However, those moments are padded thickly with some of the most obtuse exploration I’ve ever seen - the kind of stuff that should leave the average player begging for Sandy Petersen to come back and save us all. I sometimes walked aimlessly in circles down the same corridors and somehow ended up in new places through no intention of my own. On more than one occasion, I resorted to noclipping my way forward, only to realise I still had no idea where the way out was. Welcome to the machine.

first fromsoft game ive ever finished and its definitely worth it. genuinely feels like everything ive ever wanted out of not just fromsoft souls games but open world games in general. easiest way to describe elden ring is thst its the exact game i wished breath of the wild couldve been (as someone who isnt a big zelda fan)

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