cute! walls and walls of text are definitely... a pacing choice, but i do love a nicely-scaled, tight environment, and who doesn't love a train ride?

a series of impeccably-produced linear corridors, punctuated by marvelmouth whedonwank dialogue. i think this game is Not For Me.

turns out it's a blast to just have a bunch of little guys.

first run. ~20ish moons. went through a portal, died, then starved to death. pretty cool.

short horror with heavy inspiration from Control's FMV & title card stylings, and some really standout audio.

once again, scotland ruins it for humanity.

This review contains spoilers

they gave waterbug a butthole.

the central metaphors about overcoming grief & various related mental & spiritual difficulties are a bit thin, as are the puzzles, but it's bite-sized, visually remarkable, with great audio & music work, and a couple really great VO performances.

any game that includes a terminal with tab-completion is a big win in my books.

no i will never finish this, it is existentially troubling.

finally, the reason i became an astronaut: stealth, and prolonged platforming sections. on the moon.

good job including a monorail though 👍

tempest 2000 by way of house of leaves and vice-versa.


as you've never suspected of being purgatory before!