It's pretty good, but damn is it hard and borderline unfair in places with its enemy placement and speed. Really didn't expect that from a Kirby game going in, and I've spent my childhood dying a lot in the harder parts of Kirby's Dream Land 2. Was Kirby's Adventure also this tough?
All in all I'd say I prefer Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, which runs on the same engine but has some more interesting abilities and feels like it controls a bit better.

Amazing game and Remake that looks stellar, plays beautifully and perfectly translates 2D Metroid gameplay to 3D. Made me dive into PrimeHack Echoes immediately after because I was so hooked. My one gripe with this version is that Samus has no way to cast any light since shots don't light up the environment like they used to in the GC/Wii versions and some spots in the game are so dark with the new lighting system that it can be disorienting (and I don't mean the sections where you're meant to use a certain visor). But still, amazing game otherwise.
P.S.: also, eff that last type of standard Metroid in the game, they're the frickin' worst xD so stressful.


The game is certainly cute and lots of frantic fun with a friend, but what's up with the image quality on the PS5 version? The effects and shadow quality is so abysmal it's seriously distracting.

"Your light... shine it on me..!"

My score ignores the story and Samus' characterisation, because it's pretty cringe and I mostly ignored it, but aside from the segments where you have to find clues in first person the gameplay is extremely satisfying once you get used to the way it controls. Far from the best 2D Metroid, still very much worth it for the atmosphere and gameplay loop.

I would've enjoyed this if the performance on Switch wasn't so lacklustre.

If I said Dreamland 3 is 10/10 then Super Star/Fun Pak is a 20/10. It looks amazing, plays amazing, the addition of different movesets for abilities is GENIUS and the different modes and campaigns are a lot of fun - especially in co-op with all the different helpers and their abilities. Truly one of the most beautiful, creative and well-made platformers in the SNES.

Awesome upgrade to the already great Dream Land 2. Beautiful chalky graphics, five cute companions to make powers much more diverse and a super creepy out of left field final boss. 10/10

This game is everything Dreamland 1 wasn't. It's bigger and better structured, has interesting themed worlds and levels and reasons to revisit them, Kirby has both powers AND friends who make them more interesting. The secret-ish final boss is also pretty cool and starts the series tradition of more challenging, slightly nightmarish boss fights that spiralled completely out of control at some point. Not to mention that it looks great... now if only someone would make a nice Deluxe hack and add in colour for GBC mode...

Bit on the short side and Kirby doesn't have powers, despite Kirby's Adventure introducing both the pink puffball and his powers before this one. Weakest mainline Kirbo game imo, but still enjoyable.

Great update to one of my favourite childhood games, only held back by its performance.

Really would've liked to continue for the lore and backstory's sake, but the whole mega-dungeon dungeoncrawler alternate reality setup and formulaic pacing really put me off after loving TitS and SC. Might come back at some point, but I'd really rather not.