Played this on the PS4 and boy this games so good. The gameplay and the gunplay is so restricting and annoying and yet somehow soooo addictive and fun, idk what it is but the combat in the game is simply excellent.
The general tone and the characters are excellent, they are goofy but in a good way I think. The opening of the game is very suspenseful, tense and scary. One of the best openings to any game ever I think. It’s brilliant in the way it builds intrigue, tension and sets the tone. As the game goes on I found it getting goofier and more explosive and less focused on the scares which I didn’t mind at all cos there are some seriously sweaty sections of the game with some of the best and most varied enemy design in any game Ive played.
The bosses are well done for the most part, I can’t think of one that I hated, some of them get quite creative too.
Leon is way more confident in this than he is in re2 I feel. To match with the kind of action hero archetype that he is in this game, but he sells it well and he’s like comically badass at points, like someone will die in front of his eyes and he‘l make a sarcastic comment which I found extremely entertaining.
I think my one issue with game is when you play on higher difficulties, Ashley can be sooooo fucking annoying to deal with. But other than that, 10/10 it basically spawned a whole new genre of games too so...

Dope ass game, way ahead of its time in terms of the squad command system, you really feel like a team, you all fight as one, you can’t just run and gun by yourself like in halo or cod, you must move up with ur squad, issuing commands and covering ur fellow pod brothers as you work together against impossible odds. Delta themselves are also a really fun bunch of characters, their banter feels authentic and they are ACTUALLY funny.
The music and Star Wars atmosphere is awesome too, if this wasn’t Star Wars it would probably go down a whole star for me but it’s just a really solid franchise fps that still holds up, the controls are still really strong and easy to learn. The feel and look of each weapon is also really cool too, the shotgun u get in the second area is amazing and the DC-17 with all the different attachments u can switch out on it is also a really mfing cool idea.
The main “commando” theme track is like fucking great too, very Star Wars, very epic.
Solid ass game that I’ve been wanting to play for years, like literally used to watch trailers for this game when I was like 9.

Part 2 of ancient gods is amazing.
Part 2 introduces new abilities, new enemies, new traversal mechanics and some really badass spectacle.
While part 1 felt very similar to the main game, part 2 separates itself nicely with some excellent additions like the new hammer weapon which at first I was quite underwhelmed by but as i began to use it in encounters, it became a very useful tool and something that should honestly become a permanent part of the slayers kit. Its very satisfying to use and adds a whole new layer to doom eternals combo system.
There are also 6 new enemy types that force you too play in different ways and utilise more of the slayers tool set. The best example is a the new cursed prowler, if one of these guys hits you, you’re cursed, you can no longer dash and you’re vision is blurred and you can get rid of it if you hit the dude back with a blood punch. It really makes you reconsider and changes how you approach combat situations. Very cool
Also you can now use the super shotguns meat hook as a grapple gun to traverse, excellent addition.
The three levels are all fantastic, loved all 3, technically 4. Excellent visuals and sum hella badass moments.
The final boss fight is long and hard, it’s not the best doom eternal has to offer in terms of bosses but it serves its purpose well.
This dlc is an amazing send off for the slayer and it seems like this might just be the last doom thing from ID? Atleast for a while.

Part 1 is basically just more of Doom eternal but pushed further and harder, it may have been just me but I think part 1 is harder than part 2.
The three levels are all unique, large and well constructed with the 2nd level in the blood swamps being my personal favourite.
There are afew new enemy types that shake up gameplay a bit and the spirit enemies are especially challenging to deal with in a large brawl and the final boss was decent, nothing amazing but it was interesting.
The visuals and landscapes are just as breathtaking as they were in the main game but overall part 1 suffers from just being very similar to the base game which is definitely not a huge problem if you love it and I do.

Managed to finish the story pretty quickly, it was ok, i didnt really connect with any characters or find any of them very memorable, its better than the BF2 campaign but its still just a completely average star wats story in my opinion. I do enjoy the gameplay and the feeling of being in that cockpit is just really cool. The visuals as well are really nice, the lighting especially is so clean and the way it creates these beautiful dynamic shadows and shines of of surfaces is gorgeous. Ive yet to try the larger scale game mode for the multiplayer tho. The customisation is kind of alright? But there isn’t really a great sense of progression. Its fun but i enjoy battlefront 2 more 🤷‍♂️.

Wasn’t expecting much from this game but to be honest, it was a blast from start to finish. The epic display of sheer brutality is absolutely wild. The scale of every area, boss and combat encounter is something to marvel at. Technically and visually this game is fantastic, lighting, character models and area design still hold up in 2021. The combat is really fun too, there is a wide variety of weapons and abilities to use. The upgrade system is kinda whatever but the general combat loop is engaging enough to where it doesn’t really bother me. The highlights of the game are definitely the boss fights and each of them ends with a cinematically gory kill and a QTE. Very cool stuff, the ost isnt bad either.

Recently started with playing through this again for like the 8th time and I thought now would be a nice time to start a review.
Fuck me i love this game, one of my favourites of all time. The story, characters, world and combat are pure gaming perfection.
The plot is relatively simple but the characters are excellent, seeing kratos as an old grumpy dad is hilarious and depressing and seeing his relationship with his son grow is very reminiscent to what the original last of us did with ellie and joel. But also different in the right ways, kratos’s wife and atreuses mother turns out to be such a cool character when you realise everything she did at the end of the game and how she planned everything out. Its such an engrossing relationship to see morph in front of your eyes, set in a gorgeous corrupted version of norse mythology which feels so original and interesting to learn about. The giant statues, architecture and intricately designed enemies that you punch the shit out of, all work together in harmony to craft such a spectacularly miserable place to be. In a good way, it feels as if the odds are stacked against kratos and atreus and you end up caring so much about the pair and even mimir who is fucking hilarious, loveable and excellently paired with kratos. The story all builds up to such an ooooo!!!! Moment where you just cant wait to see what happens next. Fuck.
The combat is brutal, weighty and oh so satisfying. It’s definitely one if the most well designed combat systems of the generation. The shear variety and vast collection of distinct and beautiful looking combat abilities is simply fucking badass. The various combos, takedowns and ways to deal with your opponents is so fun to play around with. The enemy variety at first is very impressive but about half way through the game, new enemy types kind of stop appearing and this is kind of the only issue with god of war. It doesn’t really effect overall gameplay for me but there are some very clear re- uses of certain mini bosses and such. However this doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a single player game with an excellent story and actually great combat and gameplay, not just shooty shit in uncharted and lazy hack and slash combat, like in the witcher 3.
As a bonus i would also like to mention that the bosses are phenomenal, the ost is beautiful, the game looks visually breathtaking and it does the 1 take method of presentation better than 1917 by far. And overall its just such an ambitious and fresh new experience for us gamers to gush over. Hats off to cory ♥️.

This is a great open word action game but just an average RPG. Overall i was really engaged throughout my playthrough but there are clearly some deep problems with the game. Many of the RPG systems are bad or just underdeveloped and the general progression and levelling up is not great. Most skills are simply small percentage boosts and the looter shooter style of item acquisition is sucky and doesn’t really fit with the game in my view. The optional implants you can get at ripper docs are cool tho. You can give yourself a double jump, gorilla arms or mantis blades which are very cool. The gunplay itself is average but guns look and sound incredible. Melee combat is fine but has been done better in other first person games like dishonoured, its not quite as satisfying as you would expect but its serviceable. The driving is fine but a little bit too floaty, driving through the city with the radio on is very enjoyable tho and the city looks beautiful (most of the time) the general art designs and the look of the world and the fashion is all really cool and the general atmosphere the game gives off is perhaps its greatest strength along with its music which is one of the best osts of all time and its writing which is exceptional in both side missions and main missions. There are some really great characters that you can befriend. The overall impact of your choices and the ending are similar to how choices worked in the witcher 3, which means there really isnt a great deal of consequence for your actions, the 3 beginning backstories are really unimportant to the overall plot. The endings are fine, often bein very miserable. They dont beat the ME2 suicide mission but its still decent. The bosses are very few and far in between and they arent really too great. Now for the technical issues, oh boy. There are some horrendous issues that need to be solved here. My game crashed about 10 times in my playthrough and there are some other terrible game breaking bugs. If they fix these bugs and the game starts to look great on console i will up my score to 4.5/5

Really enjoyed this one. Not quite as good as the OG overall but the gameplay has been refined and enhanced really nicely. I really like miles as the protagonist and he separates himself from being too smilar too peter with his own personality and interests. The villains are kind of meh, troy baker’s character is just like pure evil and its kind of funny, the tinkerer is a decent villian but theres alot of things she does that annoy me or are hypocritical. She’s relatively unlikeable which isnt what they were going for. Prowlers role is alright too and rhino is just rhino. There are some really impressive set pieces and Seamless cutscene to gameplay transitions. The overall structure and pacing of the game is relatively well done, its certainly not bloated but i think the middle section of the game kind of drags, its like 3-4 hour stretch with no bosses for the entirety of the middle section. but the opening few hours are perfectly done and the final act is pretty great too. Peter parker is hilarious in this game even tho hes not in it a whole lot and the tease after the credits for the inveitable spider man 2 is really exciting. The bosses themselves are good i would say, none of them are bad, i enjoy the rhino boss fights and the final boss is excellent, the prowler boss fight is kind of whatever tho. The score is actually fantastic, it perfectly fits the atmosphere and miles gets his own memorable motif. The gameplay is alot of fun, the swining feels so natural, so seamless and the animations are beautiful, its been refined to a T and the combat has seen some really nice improvements too. Miles special powers are super satisfying to use and his abundance of new AOE attacks lets there be even more enemies on screen and this leads to the combat being alot more challenging than it was in the original, theres more of an emphasis on stealth too because there are so many enemies, you have to pick off atleast a-few of them before going loud. They have gotten rid off the boring MJ sections from the last game and replaced them with puzzles which are better but still not great. I can see puzzles working really well as a way to break up the great combat, traversal and cutscenes, they just need to improve them to create that perfect video game formula for the next game. The game obviously looks great even on a ps4 but i did have a few frame rate issues during moments where there was just too much going on for the ps4 to handle, get it on ps5 if you can.

It might be a controversial thing to say that this is my second favourite arkham game but idc, this game is so damn good and people shit on it for no good reason. First of all its a common misconception that the story sucks, if you ignore the fact that this is the joker again which tbf does kinda suck and i would rather someone else could get the spotlight for one game, however the joker stuff in this game is actually fuckin cool and no one can tell me otherwise, we learn about his origin and get to see how he falls in love with a younger batman voiced fucking excellently btw by roger craig smith who perfectly portrays that kind of young, aggressive, filled with rage type batman who is still out for vengeance. And plus we do get to see other villians take a large part of the spotlight, fuckin bane in this game is cool af and actually threatening, he works out who batman is, raids the batcave and almost kills alfred! And alfred btw in this game is certainly the best he has ever been in this series, he and bruce actually have arguments and confrontations, its interesting af too watch and it shows how much alfred gives a shit about bruce and its such a breath of fresh air after the last few games where hes just essentially an info dispenser. Also the bounty thats placed on batmans head works beautifully in this games story to give us a whole host of villains to face down. Which leads me to the boss fights which are some of the best in the series. Deathstroke, bane (All 3 of his fights) , firefly and killer croc are the standouts. The combat is pretty much the exact same as arkham city’s but with some excellent new enemy types, the many bane guys are cool and the ninjas that can counter your attacks are sick. The shock gloves are OP as fuck and completely unnecessary tho. The predator combat in this game is super underrated, it has some of the best designed rooms and maps in the series because they are all unique and provide a huge amount of variety in the ways you can dispose with enemies. The traversal is again just the exact same as city except you get the gragnel accelerator from the beginning which is fine i guess. The map is made up of 2 islands. One of witch is the arkham city map and the open world is OK but a little dull. The game did introduce new crimes in progress to spice things up a bit but that doesn’t really save it. The side missions average out as OK, theres some boring arkham knight busy work here and there but there are good ones like the anarchy, deadshot, shiva and mad hatter side missions so thats about half i think. The rest are just whatever with the exception of the one hidden side mission about cyrus pinkey ,which i gaurantee no one knows about, Which is actually so fucking interesting and im so sad it was never continued because it touched on the old families of gotham and teases the court of owls which is badass af. As a final note i would just like to point out that this game was made in a year which is impressive af considering what they were able to do and i have replayed this game probably joint the most with arkham city at this point. And yes it is in fact underrated. Fuck arkham knight dude.

Pretty much builds on everything introduced in arkham asylum. Excellent freeflow brawling, probably the best arkham game for predator gameplay, contending with arkham origins. The arkham game with far and away the best side missions, the best riddler challenges, the best story and again contending with arkham origins for the best bosses. This is what i call a perfect batman game. Kevin conroy and mark hamill are better than ever and the ending is fucking amazing. Catwoman is a great addition and the side missions introduced story threads so interesting and cool that they managed fuck up all of their follow ups in Arkham knight. I will also say that the open world is pretty great for the most part. Its rich with depth and interesting places to go and explore. The environments and character designs still hold up and look better than they do in the awful return to Arkham remaster. I spent like a whole year as a kid just playing this game and i love it.

If i played this when it came out the score would undoubtedly be much higher but unfortunately the gameplay hasnt really aged well. This is the game that created the combat systems we know and love so it should receive credit for that but compared to any other arkham game ofc in the gameplay department it doesn't look very good. All that aside the story is still my second favourite in the series behind arkham city and the voice cast are all fantastic. This game more so than the others just feels like a continuation of the classic batman animated series. Theres one or two good bosses. The scarecrow and killer croc “encounters” are both amazing. The finale kinda sucks and everyone knows that but you should definitely still play this game.

This game is so fucking good. A literal perfect mix between bloodborne and fucking bugs life. Hollownest is such an interesting and unique world to be dropped into, almost immediately the atmosphere and the bread crumb storytelling hooked me in. The environmental storytelling is on another level and the few mysterious tidbits of lore that you get keep eggIng you on in search of the next clue or NPC to interact with. And speaking of the NPCs, the world is filled with them and all of them have great story threads to follow. Among other things in the world these side stories are often genuinely depressing and the world constantly lands you in these areas that are tinted with sadness and destruction, ruins of what the world once was but the game manages to keep you going with small moments of wholesomeness and joy to convince the player that hollownest can be saved. The combat is an excellent free flowing reflex based collage of dodging, weaving, slashing and smacking. Aggressiveness is encouraged, especially in the high Intensity boss battles which are ALL great. There was not a single boss i beat and then thought to myself, “oh that boss was annoying” it was always a “fuck yes that was cool as hell weather it was any of the many EPIC main bosses or the equally entertaining secret optional bosses which can be found throughout the world hidden behind breakable walls or secluded passages which brings us to the Metroidvania esc level design which is a fantastic achievement of interconnectivity and area diversity. There are about 14 areas in the base game and my favourite has to be the city of tears where its always raining because above it there is a beautiful blue lake. But all 14 of them have a gorgeous piece of score to accompany them and holy shit the boss OSTs too. There is just such an attention to detail to the way the world is structured and its an absolute joy to explore. The art direction is sexy af, there is not a bad looking frame in this game, The game is also super meaty, its base main campaign took me about 30 hours and i stll have more to dsicover in the world, not to mention all the FREE dlc that this game has, its honestly unbelievable to me that in my playthrough i didnt experience a single bug, crash or any type of frame rate issue. And this poInt is accentuated when you realise that the development team of this game (excluding vocalists and the composer) consisted of 3 people. Its a mind blowing feat for such a small team to outperform most triple A studios. A truly mesmerising experience that i hope to spend alot more time in. Play it.

Thought it was about time to talk about sekiro. After completing it 13 times i can safely say that this was one of fromsoftwares best and in my view the best game that came out in 2019.
The world of Ashina contains all the intrigue and depth you would expect from a fromsoftware game. Hidden secrets and clues lie in excellent environmental storytelling. A good example of this is in the senpou temple area. Through one mini boss, the armoured warrior, we are able to learn so much about the area. You can tell that the warrior is clearly not Japanese through just the look of his armour. Its quite similar to how a European warrior may have looked at the time so straight away fromsoft have created a mystery for the player to solve. Throughout the boss fight you can trigger dialogue where he speaks of defending his son so that he may be healed and if you previously noticed the piles of dead children that seem to be scattered around senpou then you can infer just like that, that the warrior had come to senpou hoping for his son to be healed by the monks rejuvinating abilities. What he didnt know is that the monks were using the children to try and discover the secret of immortality, experimenting and dissecting the kids for their life force. The armoured warriors son would have been a victim to this and the warrior himself dies thinking he failed his son and screaming his name. There are various examples if this in many of fromsofts games and its a really organic and satisfying way of creating a piece of lore which makes it all the more interesting and tragic. The main story here is basic but again they leave it down to how interested the player is in the world. There are some exceptional characters and the villain genichiro becomes very easy to understand and sympathise with. Sekiro himself shows growth over the game but he doesn’t have too much of a character to be fair. The voice acting performances, english and Japanese are both very well done.
The reason you should pick this game up is the combat. Dark souls famously tests the players timing and patience, sekiro tests your reflexes and your confidence essentially, hence isshins line “hesitate and you die.” In short the combat system is really one of the best in games ever. The sword combat is absolutely exceptional but brutal. You must be close to perfect in your timing of deflections and blocks else you will be thoroughly punished. The boss fights are really where everything shines perfectly, clashing swords, going back and forth from deflecting and countering to striking at your enemy to try and break their posture is honesty one of the most satisfying things in a video game. The focus on posture rather than the health bar in some of these fights is really an interesting choice and more so than any other game ive played they actually feel like real sword fights because your actually crossing blades and it give the bosses these beautiful rhythms which compare most to something like a guitar hero, it’s basically a rhythm game and it feels so good to play because of that. The best bosses in the game are the ones that have this rhythmic feel, Genichiro, isshin (both versions), emma, corrupted monk and the owl. Then we have the guardian ape who flips pretty much all of that on its head which surely means it sucks? Nah lol. This for me was easily the hardest boss in my first playthrough because he is so different to the others which is why his placement is so well done. It forces you to learn another way of play pretty much throws everything you know out the window. Its truly a great fight. Easily the worst boss is the folding screen monkeys tho, they become a bit of a pain on repeat playthroughs. The mini bosses are also quite noteworthy. There are some really fun ones like O’rinn of the water and seven spears. The game also gives you the option to go stealthy wich lets you thin the heard a little or delete one of a bosses health bars before going all swords sparking. Stealth is no where near as fun as the sword to sword combat but the addition is appreciated.
The score is very well composed and amplifys the sweat that your balls produce when on the final phase of the final boss. The level design is alot more vertical than the souls games but there isnt really any of that interconnectivity that you would expect from a souls game which is a little disappointing but not a deal breaker. The bonus combat equipment like the prosthetics and the skills can sometimes feel very situational, firecrackers are far and away the most useful tool. The hidden quests and secret bosses are very interesting and many can effecf the ending of the game which is cool.

Overall its another banger from Fromsoft. Highly recommend.