The music is cool. The AI is still crazy though not as bad as the first.

The AI in this game are really tough

Way better than the NES game and more fun than the arcade game. I'm surprised to this game has mixed reviews. It's good!

That awkward moment when you like the most disliked Gears game better than 1 and 2.

Not as good as SMT4 and Apocalypse but still a damn fine game. Gameplay is great but I feel like it's as not as engaging as SMT4 and Apocalypse and the story is garbage. I feel like game does 2 steps forwards but also 2 steps back. In terms of gameplay, mechanics, and story. I could ramble about what I love and dislike about the but I don't feel like it! Heh. At the end of the day I still really enjoyed my time with the game. I just like a lot of other MegaTen games more. I'd say it's kinda mid as a MegaTen overall. But it's still a great game.

I'm thirsty from some Aqua and wanna cum inside her so hard that she gains a personality. Degeneracy aside Aqua's character design is probably one of the few things in the series I really like, and not only that but she has the best game play in the series .

Also Command Deck > Command Menu I love spamming magic attacks with triangle

This is also the best Kingdom Hearts game overall in my opinion.

I really, really enjoyed this game I honestly think it's better Resident Evil 8. This game goes hard on being a classic style survival horror game. I was surprised how far it went. But the game is legit like PS1/PS2 game with modern graphics. Fixed camera angles, tank controls that are Dpad only, unnatural voice acting, limited saves, puzzle solving, pretty tough puzzles too. The controls are exactly like old RE games too. I love the setting too a spooky mansion turned into a hospital. With monsters that have been experimented on. Like one having no legs, or another stuck on a IV stand also with no legs. The game genuinely spooked me more than once. It does a great job with atmosphere. It oppressive and you never feel safe. I seen some complaints regarding Caroline character design and for some reason the graphics. But I thought the graphics looked really good. And I actually really liked Caroline's character design. Not a like survival horror aren't a stranger in putting cute girls in spooky situations! But anyway yeah I pretty much loved every minute playing this game.

I have a few compliments but there minor in the grand scheme of things and I'll consider them nitpicks. But I'll say them anyway. I feel like the game is a little too hard core. I wished the map had a cursor for your character. That way you know where you are. It was 100% intentional even found a tweet about it but I don't agree with that choice. I also wished like in Resident Evil that text in journal entries was highlighted to give hints on puzzle solving. I also wished the game gave the option to use the tank controls on the analog stick. The analog has non tank controls and there no way to swap the dpad and analog stick. As someone that mainly grew up playing the dualshock versions of RE1 and 2 as well as games like RE0 and RE1 Remake. It took a while getting used to the dpad. I also feel like the game is a little too stingy with the saves. In old RE you got like 2 or 3 ink ribbons you picked up the item to save but in Tormented Souls you only get one save token! Just one! Saves become more frequent later one but I wished the game gave at least 2!

I made comparisons to Resident Evil but the game also elements of Silent Hill. There sections that remind me of the rusted rooms from Silent Hill. You can use a crowbar too like Silent Hill. You get a body flashlight like Silent Hill. Inventory also isn't limited which is a thing in RE but not SH. There is some religious imagery and the story is also more Silent Hill like than Resident Evil.

But anyway I rambled enough but I really enjoyed this game. Easily in my top 5 favorite games I played in 2021 now. You have no idea just how much I miss this type of game. So I'm happy and grateful it exists. I paid like 40 dollars for this game on PS5 and it was worth every penny. I'm glad to have supported a smaller no name indie team to make a game like this. If this sounds like your thing also than I absolutely can not recommend the game enough.

Since I did talk about The Silver Case I do feel a little obligated to talk about The 25th Ward. But I don't have much to say.

In fact most of what I said about The Silver Case kinda applies with The 25th Ward. To be honest my feelings are pretty much exactly the same from Silver Case. Visually it's cool so is the music but the story and cast don't do much for me. I don't really like it any more or less. But it wasn't my thing with Silver Case. And equally still my not thing with 25th Ward. Hell something like Angels Egg makes more sense than this. I thought I liked complicated stories. But Silver Case is a step even above that.

The 25th Ward is a thing. A very surreal confusing thing. That I barely understood for 35 hours. Even the visual novel is self aware of that a few times-

But yeah, too convoluted for me. Suda51 seems like a cool guy. I like him it's kinda too bad he's kinda hit or miss for me. But he also gives experiences unlike anyone else in the game industry. If you love The 25th Ward I'm glad you do but like for me...Gimmie Lollipop Chainsaw or No More Heroes 2 instead...and I do mean that. Haha...

Is Neptunia x Senran Kagura a good game? It depends...but I like it. Depending from what you want from both series it can be perceived as "bad".

So this game a Neptunia game first and a Senran Kagura game second. Which what I was kinda expecting anyway. That being said. I really wished the game instead had 2 campaigns with one side being Senran Kagura and the other being Neptunia. But instead it feels like a Neptunia game and Senran Kagura characters so happen to be there.

The game is whole lot of missed potential but instead of being salty of what could have been I enjoy it for what it is. Senran Kagura spin offs are have track record of being...not good. This easily the best one.
Neptunia spin offs also have a spotty track record but I think this one of the better ones.

I feel like this held back due to the T rating. The fan service is very tame even compared Neptunia U. Neptunia U had clothes ripping and that was T also. So here we go...theres no...clothes ripping, no dressing room/costumes, certainly no intimacy mode, no transformations, not even a 3D model viewer mode with poses Also there are only 4 Senran Kagura characters. And only 10 playable characters 2 of which are originals to this game. Considering both series have a mountain characters to choose from that's pretty underwhelming.

The core gameplay is Senran Kagura. Just not as good. The partner system from Senran Kagura 2 returns. There are still ninja arts. The game graphically looks really nice and is a locked 60 fps. I also feel like the game probably has some of the better map design from either Senran Kagura or the Neptunia hack n slashes. Though baffled by the choice to not have a heavy attack and make it triangle throwing ninja stars instead. I don't think the combat is as good as Senran Kagura or even Valkyire Drive but it's similar enough to be fun.

Since is a Neptunia game first and Senran Kagura game second. It has a Neptunia story and writing. I did find the plot a little amusing Neptunia and Senran Kagura characters team up to stop "Steem Legion" from taking over. It's nothing special but it's entertaining.

Overall I like the game. It took me about 22 hours to get the platinum trophy for the game and it was fun all the way through. But as a crossover it could have been so much more. I enjoyed it for what it is and I may like the game but I wouldn't be surprised if some coomer would like "no anime titties?! or fan service 1/10". But for me. I'd say it was pretty alright and I'd give it a 7/10

Tales of Arise? More like Tales of Arises to disappointment. This a good game but it wasn't as good as I hoping it to be. Tales of Arise is the best reviewed game on Metacritic since Symphonia. And since Symphonia is my favorite Tales game. Needless to say that got me excited but unfortunately the game kinda falls kinda flat to me.

On the positive side I think this game has the best combat in the entire series. It feels like a more modern version of the older games. While throwing away some of the trash idea's from Berseria's combat. It's really fun without feeling too button mashy or mindless. I also do feel like the dungeon design is a bit of improvement from Berseria, Zestiria, and the Xillia games. Graphically this game is really pretty with wonderful detailed environments. The game is also smooth. It just feels great move around in.

The problem for me when it comes to this game is the story, characters, and music. Motoi Sakuraba comes back again yet again doing yet another bland and forgettable OST...Go Shiina where did you go :(

The cast sucks. The only character I like is Rinwell. The rest I find bland and boring. There just not interesting. I feel like they lack the humorous bantering and bickering of past Tales games. Lacking in fun chemistry. The cast falls apart when compared to past Tales games. Like I may like Rinwell but she's literally just worse Rita. Shionne I find to be a pretty boring main girl especially coming off of Berseria which had Velvet. But even in comparison other Tales main girls like say Colette, Chloe, Milla, Mint, or Tear...she just sucks. I don't see how Kisara is any more interesting than other "mother" like Tales character like Raine. Law being voice Bryce Papenbrook you can exactly guess what kinda character he is. So annoying. Tales games don't usually have a good track record of great main characters but like Alphen is even more bland and more boring than usual. Again compared to main characters like Lloyd, Luke, or Yuri. And he's just not as interesting. And Dohalim is just there. I honestly can't think of much to say about him. I also just don't care much of the character design of the cast.
Kousuke Fujishima where did you go... :( Anyway the point is I find the cast to be easily one the weakest in the entire series. I honestly like Zestiria cast more than this game. Tales of Arise has great voice acting though Probably some the best in the series.

The story is probably the weakest part for me. I just think it takes itself way to seriously lacking much in lighthearted moments. Not only that but plot itself just isn't all that interesting. It's like a worse version of Eternia. Ok so you take that plot line from Eternia where theirs Celestia and Inferia and they kinda hate each with years of resentment. And then crank up the seriousness for some reason and also make it the only plot point. Then add a dumb twist at the end that comes outta no where in a boring exposition dump fashion. The plot is "fine" at best and no where near as good as past entries like Symphonia or Abyss.

I want to be clear. I actually like the game. I still had a lot of fun playing it. But when I'm given the expectation this is one the best entries in the know I want to like it as much the other best entries in the series. It's a good game on it's own. But I don't see it as one of the best Tales games in the series. It's game play sure. But it's story and cast drag it way down for me. Because of that I can't in good conscious give this game a higher rating than like a 7.5. rating.

I tired to like The Silver but couldn't. I did not like Silver Case. So I wanna start off by saying I pre-ordered the Switch version. I was genuinely looking forward to trying it out. And I wanted to play some Suda51 games before No More Heroes 3 came out cause I'm hyped. But yeah...ended up kinda disappointed instead.

You know I originally wanted to go through this trilogy. But in all honesty. I cared so little for Silver Case that it pretty much wiped any interest I had in playing Flower, Sun and Rain and the 25th Ward.

I felt Silver Case started interestingly enough but the more it continued the more confused I started to get. And the more confused I started get the less engaged I was getting with the plot. And I also realized part way through that I wasn't caring all that much for cast of characters either. This game talks about solving riddles and such. Well this whole piece of writing is a riddle. I just felt like the more played and read the more it become unintelligible word vomit. And it reminded me of when I was in high school, forced to read a book and there would times where I'll read an entire page and had no idea what happened on that page. I just did not like it's way of writing at all. I also found parts of the dungeon crawling aspect pretty tedious. Like going to room 402 repeatedly in case 2. Or having to check every floor in case 5. Overall I had hard enjoying The Silver Case. I really wanted to. The aesthetic is really cool. The soundtrack is moody and atmospheric. I'll give it points for that. But the in the end I just felt both frustrated and confused. I don't mind a story being complicated. I enjoy stuff like 13 Sentinels and Xenogears after all. Heck I'd say there parts of those stories where I didn't fully understand or found it confusing. But there were still other aspects of them that I liked, that I look can look past that and enjoy them regardless. I just don't feel the same about The Silver Case. As much as I would want to like it. It just didn't do anything for me. And that kinda does bum me out. Perhaps I'm just too stupid to understand The Silver Case I can accept that. No, I wouldn't consider it "bad" but it's definitely not for me at all.

I'll probably still play 25th Ward at the very least since it was bundled on Switch but needless to say I'm not looking forward to it and when I do play it, it probably will only be after playing No More Heroes 3.

I'm doubtful any one on this site is gonna talk about this game. So I guess I will. I never played Columns before so I was really surprised with how fun it was. When it comes to puzzle games I'd say I like this better than say Dr. Mario or Tetris. While I think those games are fun. I can easily get bored with them with in a few rounds I can not say the same for Columns. Gameplay wise it's just Columns if you played any other version of Columns before you'll know what to expect, this is just a Sakura Wars skin to it. If your unfamiliar with the game play it's a falling block match three puzzle game. It's a game that's pretty simple to understand, a pick and play kinda game. The more you play it however the more strategy and nuance you realize the game has making it pretty addictive to play.

For what it is. I'm surprised with how great Sakura Wars Columns 2 is. The story mode while nothing special, I found it amusing. It was a series of 12 side stories with fun interactions. The puzzle gameplay itself was fun. And the art is incredible. It's a good thing the game has an unlockable gallery I can admire the art. Anyway, unlike the first game on Saturn none of it is compressed. It could be because of the emulator but the game was a very clean 640p x 480p. And that's pretty cool. Considering this is a Dreamcast title, I do find it somewhat disappointing that the soundtrack is in a midi format rather than regular audio but the tunes themselves are pretty good and they grew on me the more I played. The fan translation for this game is excellent and feels like a continuation from the Sakura Wars 1 translation. I commend Derek Pascarella and his team they deserve a huge thank you for bringing over more Sakura Wars content to the west.

Overall I found it way better than I expecting it to be. And possible hot take but I'd say it was better than Shin Sakura Wars on PS4. I prefer this cast, game play more, and the art more.

This game is pretty underrated and has no reviews on this site. Which is a shame cause I think it's worth checking out. So I guess I'll be the first.

I found it to be a pleasant surprised. As someone whose inexperienced with RTS, Pikmin aside I liked it more than thought I would. In some ways I like more than other vanillaware titles such as Odin Sphere and Muramasa. I think story the is better. I like characters better. The art is really nice but that's expected for vanillaware. Story it's basically about girl Lillet whose training to be witch and learning how to control the Grimoire. She goes to a school were you got teachers like half demon and a Lion man. Early on she discovers she in a time loop caused by the philosopher stone so naturally the plot is about her trying to escape it. And I find that really neat. Music was also nice even though the soundtrack is very small. I also really liked the voice acting with Wendlee Lee specifically it was nice hearing in a main role and I like Litllet she was cute. What I like about the voice acting especially in comparison to Muramasa and Odin Sphere is that Grim Grimoire for goes the theatrical style of voice from those games instead having a more natural form a speech. Which in my opinion makes this dub really great and better than those other games. Gameplay wise I honestly don't even mind the RTS gameplay. I wasn't sure about it at first. And I'm not very good at it. But I managed by. And it could be satisfying at times. I'm unsure how this game compares to other RTS games but I thought was good. The wikipedia page says the game took inspiration from Harry Potter for the plot and Star Craft for the gameplay and yeah that sounds about right. If that sounds interesting to you then I'd say check it out. Overall I found the game to be a pleasant experience. I was never to frustrated. And the game wasn't as confusing as I was fearing to be. So I recommend it.