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I can't decide whether the dog makes the game better or worse, but at least it doesn't talk. The other crew members are constantly interrupting you to point at things and tell you what to do. It's unbearable and it persists throughout the whole game. But once they shut up and you get to really take in the world around you, it is lovely.

It's structured like Pikmin 2, which is one of my favorite games of all time. I had some struggles with the auto lock-on and unruly pikmin, but overall the gameplay and level design were great. It has loads of content and great extras, though the in-depth treasure log and bestiary is a bit soiled by the boring lame writing.

Graphically, it doesn't look or run as good as Pikmin 3. The constant interruptions and lack of subtlety kill the atmosphere, which was always a strong point of the series. It also suffers somewhat from a lack of originality. It might sound like I dislike this game but really it's a lot of fun. I just wish some things were handled differently.

It plays pretty nice. Got lots of neat stuff to find in an interconnected world. The combat and platforming work well with each other, and it's got some schnazzy music. Nothing exceptional, but it's a good time.

It looks and plays great. I always love when Mario games get weird and imaginative, but this one feels somewhat disingenuous to me. It's still pretty fun though. It's constantly throwing new things at you one after the other without ever getting too chaotic or messy. This makes for a game without much dull moments, but it also doesn't leave much time to do normal platforming. I do think it would benefit from more challenge as well, and all the kiddy stuff is pretty annoying.