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I rarely ever drop games, but I wasn't having any form of fun with this one after a while. I've beaten Dark Souls about 8 or 9 times, and I adore it's slow deliberate pacing, bits of unique jank that create unique, memorable moments, and it's sometimes antagonistic world and level design that silently leads the player through it. I feel like Demon's Souls has a large handful of these ideas; the steady progression through the worlds was at first giving me the same sense of discovery and learning that I got from the first Dark Souls, but after a while, I felt that antagonistic design genuinely wearing on me, and beating me down to the point where I was wallowing in a really uncomfortable feeling of anger and unfairness. I don't want to be lead through every objective, and receive assistance in every fight, but the cold and mean game that Demon's Souls ended up becoming, is one that I'm fully aware would have sent me down a really bad path for my emotional well being.
I guess I've been beat, this time.

An absolute blast of a crude 3D platformer, a la Conker's, with some fantastic movement and neat level design. My love was slightly dampened by a lackluster third world (It put me in mind of the Tarzan world from Kingdom Hearts 1, which is a very unflattering point of reference IYKYK) and a final boss that just kind of happens, but the overall vibe, and first 2 acts, carry this game into something that I really enjoyed.

As I sit here in a packed Discord voice call, feeling my teeth grinding, fists clenching, and blood boiling, I can't even feel anger at this abysmal piece of filth at this point. It's not even good at the humor it's trying to go for, which hasn't been funny for years, already. So many different genres of slop chucked into a festering cauldron to create something that is ugly, boring, awful down to it's very bone marrow. Go fuck yourself, Squanch Games