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Building off of the already impressive open world design philosophy of Breath of the Wild this title could have easily coasted by just being more of the same. Instead we were treated to a wide range of incredible set pieces, unique puzzles and powerful enemies. All which we had the freedom to tackle how we see fit.
Formulating my thoughts on Tears of the Kingdom is tough. I feel like it is hard to capture into words just how immersive and freeing this title is. Nintendo created unique and interesting locations but rather than gate us down a specific path that gave us the true freedom to tackle objectives how we see fit.
One could argue that BOTW already accomplished this goal, but even that title had specific limitations that are broken down by the new masterhand abilities. Each one fundamentally challenges your imagination and makes the world your own personal adventure.
All of this on top of the significantly richer narrative and lore that this version of Hyrule has loving crafted. Finding the Master Sword is a moment I will not soon forget given its plot significance, and this Ganondorf stands out as the most menacing and determined version of the character. This is just as much his story and he steals most scenes with his confidence and power.
I will admit completely that if BOTW wasn't your jam, I don't think this title will win you over. Much of what is here is building off that foundation set by those survival elements. Weapon durability, resource management and shrines galore. If those were deal breakers for you before they will be here as well.
But even when considering that I find myself in the same place I was when I was playing/reviewing the recent Resident Evil 4 Remake. I believe objectively, this is not only one of the greatest open worlds but one of the most intelligently designed games. Is it my favorite Legend of Zelda title? No, but I will 100% say with full confidence that I believe this is one of the greatest games ever made.

This potassium filled adventure is ripe with fun arcade action that begs you to peel back it's layers to improve your scores and times.

You can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite Uncharted Game.
Ex. If this is your favorite then Sully is your favorite Uncharted character.