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outside of some weird difficulty spikes, i had a lot of fun with this game, it was a banger experience overall. slow start up but im the type that doesn't mind that. also i will protect tita with my life. also also thank GOD for retry offset i wanna kiss whoever came up with that idea

Pretty good. Definitely feeling the fatigue of the ac games set in as i didn't care to do every side mission, but other than that pretty banger. Liked the recruits and liked Rome. Crossbow carried me ngl.

finally beat all 5 routes. outside of the edginess (so many TWs...) that seeps out of it and the h-scenes, i actually really enjoyed it. all 5 heroines each had their charm that made me like them, tho some rose above others (kohaku my beloved). it was a fun experience all around, but id hesitate to recommend it to others. the easily worst part of this game IS NO SATSUKI YUMIZUKA ROUTE??? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???