What a gem of a game. I didn't think a GBC game could make me cry like 3 times but here we are. I got really sucked into this game, and played like 12 hours a day. I started taking notes, I lost sleep thinking about the world. Overall a wonderful experience. Fem!Erdrick for the win.

Dragon Quest 1 was a cute little game i finished in a couple of hours. While I didn't GREATLY enjoy the experience, it was really enhanced by reading a manga called, "The Road to Dragon Quest." A wonderful step into the world of Dragon Quest. The second game, however, i stopped in the middle of because of all the GRINDING. Grind HERE grind THERE i wanna GRIND my brain into mush. So i ended up dropping it. It WAS however, very cool that Alefgard was revealed to be inside a bigger continent.

outside of some weird difficulty spikes, i had a lot of fun with this game, it was a banger experience overall. slow start up but im the type that doesn't mind that. also i will protect tita with my life. also also thank GOD for retry offset i wanna kiss whoever came up with that idea

Pretty good. Definitely feeling the fatigue of the ac games set in as i didn't care to do every side mission, but other than that pretty banger. Liked the recruits and liked Rome. Crossbow carried me ngl.

finally beat all 5 routes. outside of the edginess (so many TWs...) that seeps out of it and the h-scenes, i actually really enjoyed it. all 5 heroines each had their charm that made me like them, tho some rose above others (kohaku my beloved). it was a fun experience all around, but id hesitate to recommend it to others. the easily worst part of this game IS NO SATSUKI YUMIZUKA ROUTE??? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???

I really liked this game's style and atmosphere and just the like surrounding vibe around it. I liked making choices and actually connecting with the townsfolk, it was pretty epic. Andreas is cool

Need me some fluffy Ephraim x Lyon fanfic NOW

The first fe game i ever played (but not beat). I have nostalgic memories of pulling out my phone in class and just playing a chapter or two. Really fun times

The first fire emblem game i beat. I loved it sm, i beat it in like 2 days, playing it almost nonstop. This game made me LOVE fire emblem

A musou game i actually played a beat and really enjoyed? Crazy.

Changed my life. Memories of you still makes me cry. Literally unexplainable how much this game means to me. Also, AIGIS

Bisexual panic with Franziska and Edgeworth. Phoenix Wright stronger than me thats for sure

One of my favorite visual novels ever. Beatable within like 4ish hours and yet up there with f/sn for me. Amazing game.

I didn't think I'd like it as much as i did ngl