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This is one of the most adorable games I've ever played. The sheer amount of hidden references for you to discover is amazing. The graphics for this game are simple and appealing. Gameplay is a bit simple but still fun enough for casual fighting game fans.
If you're a fan of Capcom during the 90's and want some good fanservice, go check this "pocket"-sized adventure for some short but sweet fun. 4/5


Little speed and too much platforming. OK sonic game.

very cool fighting game. i'll beat it again if some english patch releases. easily one of the hidden gems in saturn

A truly impressive port of a next gen title! But there's just no reason to play this on N64 besides curiosity.
Be prepared for horrible, chopped-and-looped versions of the songs though


I used to like this game as a kid
god damn it's boring

don't lie to me walt, you sussy baka

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