You know, really a great game in terms of gameplay, graphics, themes, challenge, and personality. However, damaged by an eventually incomprehensible story and pretty unlikeable characters including probably the worse bosses of the Solid era.

Just a fun time, super improved over FC5. I loved FC3 and 4 for comparison

Really impressive, a whole world, not as memorable as RDR.

Exceptional, wonderful game that has stood the test of time. Best in series graphics, soundtrack, character designs, dungeons, overworld, sidequests, dialogue, the list goes on and on! I love this game, then and now---with a surprisingly metal final fight and engrossing story.

Probably the best story, gameplay, characters, writing, graphics, atmosphere, historical infodump of all time. Also a good MGS game.

While it seemed superfluous at the time, glad to have access to this version now (tho the cutscenes remain ludicrous). Adds the much improved abilities from 2 with the graphical fidelity available on GameCube. Excellent though relatively straightforward compared with what came next.

I only wish they had added keyboard and more songs

You can't improve on perfection but somehow