Okay, naturally I played this one right after Ys I and I'm happy to say this was a stark improvement, bump was tweaked a bit, you have magic now and more places that count as a 'town' so your return magic and wings make you backtrack less.
Bosses are way better now though I think too many of them rely on the new magic mechanic so you're kinda just playing a glorified shoot-em-up with rpg elements in those. +1 point for letting you fucking heal during them this time though what the hell was that about before?
Areas are more varied this time and the music is amazing no matter which version you listen to. Though the final dungeon is full of backtracking (I counted having to return to the town outside like at least 7 times, and that's just for progressing the story, restoring health and MP there's even more.)
It's better than the first as you'd expect, but still got its issues. Gonna miss bumping into things though.

its pretty good and the bump combat's wickedly fun once you get a feel for it but some of these bosses are absolutely insane and not in a good way.
It's decently challenging but i swear to god that final boss can eat my ass. He wouldn't even be that bad if i could heal mid battle.

good game, i fucking hate dinosaurs so getting to kill them on the regular is a joy

Absolutely wonderful game. My highlights were easily the distant future, imperial china, and final chapters. I liked the near future one too though mostly because it made the mecha fan in me clap. This one's a keeper.

This game is like breath of the wild if breath of the wild had more stuff to do. The simple joy of slapping together doohickies and thingamabobs and various flying contraptions to traverse the world with mixed results is something I love dearly.
That being said i cant wait for like a year to pass and the entire internet unanimously decides this game actually sucks ass like any other game ever made

If people say this game is bad I would never trust them with my life in any capacity. They're not well and can't be trusted.

the smile on my face when i played this for the first time in 2017 i loved this
everything about it was hand-crafted by people who truly loved the series and it's PROUD to be a sonic game.

sonic 3 and knuckles is iconic, and good and everyone loves it but me. Nothing against it, I think it's good too but I prefer 2 over it lol

this one's less mid and also my favorite of the big three classic sonics
thats gonna piss someone off

I think this game is great.
Unironically I think if it weren't for the dogshit performance issues this would be right up there with some of the pokemon games people think are the series' best.

The funniest fucking thing about the game is how they mainly follow the plot of a children's series (Wataru in this case) then tied in a hyper-violent show with heavy emphasis on shock value through violence and sex like cross ange into the same plot
also gurren lagann is there like they're kinda JUST there