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ive wasted my life playing this game but jesus christ some good memories on this one
some permanent brain damage caused by this one

-With the nerves to the limit, but with a smooth movement, justified by the style of animation. I don't know, I see it as a bit contradictory to the crazy and animated world that the game poses
-I haven't played any Wario Land, but here the approach of the double level design (hit and run) in communion with the two possible forms of mobility, until the two collide with each other, is super interesting.
but, there is the problem, that they collide in what I intuit is an impossibility to get rid of their formative references in terms of a "genre", called "the platformers".
The idea of ​​scoring through collecting and other chores at levels that force you to fluctuate between jumping, speed and momentum does not seem very appropriate to me if at the least I fail I have to repeat a sequence of three heights and four platforms, for very funny and schizophrenic that are the crash and fall animations.
Between the seams of the game, a speerun logic almost appears?
I don't see the great Peppino spaghetti being an avatar of total control in chaos, rather I see him suffering from chaos, heck, that's how the protagonist seems to be presented, as someone on the verge of sanity, breaking with everything he knows. crosses.
-So vacuously it has been possible to attribute to Signalis that its structure is a mixture without substance (partially correct, but I don't see it badly for a game whose one of its main reasons is "memory" as a concept) beyond the visual, I think this could perfectly apply to Pizza Tower: the weight, the speed and the alleys and unthinkable traps of Sonic with the framework of Wario Land? (I intuit, I reiterate that I have not played)
But I find another similarity with Sonic: the divergence between character concept and game concept.
you already know
Speed ​​vs Caution in Sonic
Chaos and humor vs Control and some precision in Pizza Tower
Am I the only one who feels this?
-The mixture is quite satisfactory, but why would that be enough?
-usually the internal coherences matter very little to me, and I hate applying the operational sense of the real world, I prefer the expression and the personality, at any cost. but here I find the expression in the same way as some contemporary games that rely entirely on the animations of their characters. And that's not bad at all, it's completely fine but I didn't find a situation where the comedy came from the game design instead of the characters and their animations. It's a bit picky, but I feel the same way I do when I watch one of the new Pixar-like CGI animated movies, with little interest in cinematography and space-time relationships.
I love the energy of this game, but at the same time it leaves me super cold

I think what this game is trying to do is a really cool concept, merging together the Metroidvania progression system with more traditional adventure game style lock-and-key structure. However, I feel like it could have been polished up way more, because while the ability upgrades make contextual sense, the environment affecting items really have no context for where to find them or what stuff they even affect, sometimes even opening up random pathways in levels with no prior indication of those paths even existing. I also feel like the idea of making Wario completely invincible in this game led to a lot of the level designs being frustrating for frustrating's sake, and part of me was just wishing the game was designed with a normal health and live system instead of the game constantly punishing you by forcing restarts of segments over and over again just for fumbling the timing up slightly once.
I really wish I could see the excellence of this game that everyone else seems to have, but I at least have tons of admiration towards the aesthetical values of this game, there's so much liveliness and charm the way this game looks for a Game Boy Color game, and the subtle little characterizations of Wario here are so on point. Love this gross goblin man like you wouldn't imagine.

Not nearly as good as Wario Land 4, but still a pretty fun game. Has a slow, somewhat clunky start due to having most of Wario's abilities from WL2 serving as upgrades in a weird pseudo-metroidvania kind of way, but once you unlock a few of them it gets much better.
Whoever programmed that soccer boss though should be executed via firing squad.

2 of these stars go to the gameplay being fun, and .5 goes to miwako and nenji for being my favs. the story itself has too many characters and is cool on paper but the execution is pretty poor imo. shoulda been like. 8 sentinels.

I have deeply mixed options of this game. The writing is very clever and the story has many twists and turns. But I found the gameplay dreadfully dull. I think this comes from a couple of issues:
First, there is no player agency in the story. The story is non-linear but it isn’t branching. Your actions have no impact on the outcomes in either the visual novel section nor the strategy game component. This makes a lot of the game feel like reading a book with some hidden picture elements.
Second, the strategy portion has only shallow ties to the story. It feels tacked on to give some gameplay into the game, not integral to the game. You could remove all the strategy game parts and I don’t think the overall game would feel any different.
I don’t know. I think radiant historia did the time line stuff better and the ninology trilogy did the visual novel stuff better. This feels like they didn’t quiet stick the landing.

Sometimes it's a little too reliant on RNG, but I really enjoy leading my team of hardened veterans into the abyss, only to have them all go insane because a weird dude with a goblet yelled at them.

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