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Interesting little platformer, which in my opinion looks a little better than it plays. Not a bad game, but aside from the grinder mechanic there isn't much going on, say: there should be a much wider variety in level and enemy design and game mechanics to make it an actual good game. Every other mechanic aside from the grinder is just very underdeveloped. The boss fights were fun though, but they also need more variety, RNG, alternative attacks etc.

I love to see more by the dev (solo dev, i think), because they did a solid work on this game.

I've never played any of the original PlayStation games, so I can't say anything about how well this games does in comparison to any other in the series.

That aside, it's a nice game, but not really my cup of tea. Gameplay wise, the only thing I really enjoyed were the arena fights, as they were somewhat difficult and needed the player to figure out which weapons are best used in which waves and against which enemies. That need to learn patterns and stuff is missing in the mainline areas and kind of a miss from my point of view, considering this game has a sh*tload of weapons and is probably the most outstanding feature of the gameplay.

Aside from that, I only other have two big negatives:
- I really don't like the camera in the game. So often in the fights the FOV is just horrible.
- Compared to similar games in the genre this game is missing interesting bossfight. There like 4 bosses, repeated over and over again. Even the final boss fight is just a repetition of the mid game boss. Compare this to like Psychonauts 2, where each level has a super unique and memorable boss.

As a kid, I'd probably fell in love with all these characters. I wonder how fans of the series feel about Rivet. The game is beautiful, colorful, well animated. Good thing is that this game doesn't waste the players time with stupid sidequests. Just an single optional quest per planet, some stuff to collect. That's it. Just a lot of story. The story and writing of the game - well something something Multi-Verse save everything. Whatever.

As this game is marked as a 3D-Plattformer: It's a negligible feature of the game, which is kind of sad. The game introduces some mechanics, but never really tries to develop something with them.

I still recommend this game: Well: First it's a really good port. No issues while playing whatsoever. Please give us more ports. For fans of the genre (say: 3D Action Adventure) you just get what you want. Fans of the story probably like everything that's happening. And some people - unlike me - most definitely gonna like the story, so give it a try and be a hero and save everything.

I'm curious how the originals play. I'll probably check some of the out.