Fun fighting, minigames that are polished and addictive, great humor throughout and of course an excellent engaging story. A masterpiece.

My favorite of all the humongous games I played growing up.

The only baseball game I played a full 162 game schedule.

Fun game mostly just to play with friends.

So here I am, growing older all the time,
Looking older all the time,
Feeling younger in my mind

Super fun and introduced me to 24s by TI.

First TH game with a real story and I loved it. Doing the jump off the roof over the heli in Hawaii was dope.

The OG windows pinball game. I can still hear the sounds.

I still can vividly remember all the ways my brother and I used to torture our sims.

I love the strategy and gameplay of XCOM 2. Its wild how emotionally attached you become to your soldiers.

First Civ game I played, and while the next two have made a lot of improvements I'll always remember the huge stacks of units and seeing a tank lose to a longbowman.

Playing this game as a 12 year old was truly incredible. The freedom of being able steal cars and do whatever I wanted. Also the start of my completetionist problem. I spent so much time collecting packages, driving ambulance/taxi, and finding unique jumps.