A little repetitive but still very fun and soothing to go through. Sometimes genuinely difficult as well.

One of the best sim games of all time. Extremely engrossing.

It's fine. All of the charm and soul is gone but the gameplay is still good outside of weird paper fetch quests.

Easily one of the best GB games and with lots of good levels and puzzles.

Actually incredibly fun and addicting.

Good strategy/tactical/whatever game with a cute art style as well.

A fun game, although it shares some issues with the original Super Mario Kart. Still, it has banging music, better graphics and tracks, and is overall fun.

It was a very good game to play as like a 13 year old because it did affect me emotionally but it's also not particularly interesting beyond the typical RPG Maker visual style and gameplay.

I honestly think the original Woolsey translation ruins it; it's just so immature. On top of that, the corny cutscenes don't really fit the tone, and after seeing Chrono Trigger's they are a bit disappointing. The characters aren't as well developed due to having so many and the story is alright but disjointed. I really like the aesthetic though, especially the art outside the game.

Not really good even for a mobile game

I actually like the first few FNAF games for what it's worth.

Pretty fun but another plasticine GameCube era game. Lacks some of the soul of Adventure 1/2 honestly.

Honestly never actually liked the mechanics behind it; always thought it was better in concept than in execution.

I used to play this with my friend at school, surprisingly fun pinball.