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So you play as a mammut.
Does it make sense?
Hard no.
Is it fun?
What the point?
No idea.

Since the release of this game I've been hearing about how bad it is, that's it's just a corridor walking simulator, that the combat is just mashing one button all the time and how it's the worst final fantasy and the downfall of the series.
Then I tried it.
While it is not perfect none of the final fantasy games were perfect, even VI.
Honestly either this game is the most underrated videogame I know of or my taste is horrible but I absolutely loved it.
The graphics are beautiful even by today's standard and this is a ps3 game.
The combat is honestly probably my favourite in the series, very unique and fun, I just wish there was more to it, like meteor or ultima spells (it might still be there in the last dungeon I'm still yet to play).
I love the world and monster designs, not your typical final fantasy but it doesn't have to be, there were more than 12 titles in the series by that time.
The story i can't comment about to the fullest since i haven't seen the ending yet, but so far I loved it, though it's quite sad so might not be for everybody. Oh and while the game tells you to read the datalog (ingame encyclopedia) and it explains all the terms the game throws at you at the beginning well, I wish it would be explained during the dialogue or cutscenes but that's a minor thing, do yourself a favor and read entries on all those strange terms sometime doing the first act.
The characters... Hmm... I like Sazh and Fang. Lightning and Snow I like about 50% of the time and I don't really care for Vanille and Hope.
The music is as good as always, with some real bangers like the battle theme.
Overall, if not for xiv this would be my favourite final fantasy, not objectively the best but the one I like the most.
High hopes for ffxiii-2,3 and xv

A great leap forward after ac1, very solid foundation for the trilogy. One of my favourite games of all time.