It's pretty impressive considering it was one of the first few fully edited mario campaign 64 mods, but its riddled with glitches that I can barely tell whether or not were intentional for the creepypasta Luigi.exe vibes.

Sure, do an edgy Ridge Racer. Add blood, add realistic accidents, add a killcam, do whatever you want... just don't take away the tropical stages in favor of boring grey city landscapes...

This is the song that plays in my head when a complete stranger addresses me with female pronouns irl:

Nintendo lowkey genius making the New Soup engine feel abhorrent with how slippery it is, so that they could sabotage future fangames.

I can assure you its better for the medium as a whole if you just pirate games rather than promoting this network of wannabe nft's for spare change on Steam.

Trust me, you don't get how endearingly stupid this mod is.

You can falcon punch stars and it destroys them, making you play the entire level again.

This review contains spoilers

I'm not saying I think the premise is fundamentally flawed, but how can you exchange letters with someone for 5 years without ever asking for their phone number?

- Mom, why do you like my younger brother more than me?
- He does everything that you do but better in almost any way you can think of, aside from being slightly prettier, younger, smarter and also doesn't have the gay trait.

(this is a review on Rogue Legacy 2)

Just featured Galactic Warriors as a guest of honor in my niche podcast named "I did not expect this game from mid 80's to have juggle combos!" make sure to check the VOD.

Me: "Everyone having to deal with their own personifications of anxiety, in which you can talk to and argue, despite having the odds stacked heavily against you, is a fascinating concept, despite the fact that I wish no one would feel this way, which is specially messed up when in this story, the player themselves is said animal that refuses to go away"

Also me: PLEASE can my anxiety animal be a bird??? I want a bird one!!! Like an owl, maybe!!!! Instead of woofing, she goes "HOOT HOOT HOOT HOOT" while flapping her wings!!!!

Perfectly encapsulates the timeless conundrum, of what I like to call the Golf With Your Friends Skill Check, or the "GWYFSK" as its popularly known worldwide.

If I beat you, its because you don't have friends, so you never actually played golf with them to get good at.

If you beat me, its because but you don't have friends, so you spent hours practicing in this game just by yourself.

What side of the GWYFSK do you fall on?


RON aw dang it
TSUMO aw dang it
FURITEN aw dang it
NO YAKU aw dang it
RIICHI: 0 REMAINING aw dang it

Nightmare Kart coming out the very next day after Sony made their shittiest State of Play ever, showing them how to use the Bloodborne IP, makes this the coolest release date of any fangame I have ever seen.

Fans of powerscaling randoms with omnipotent isekai dogshit self-insert powers who can beat Goku are not ready for when Terraria fans finally join the discussion.

Its admirable how blatant it is that they did not care at all into giving this any sort of story because its just Picross, so they made this pink haired anime girl show up for less than 20 seconds in the tutorial and then never again.