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red tenemos que comer lechuga fumar placebo y vivir

es como un shooter pero muuuuuuy guapo

i was the Pokémon Violet(2022) all along...

llego a jugar esto de niño y hoy sería líder mundial

yo en la paralisis del sueño (obra maestra)

no se si he disfrutado mas el juego por el gameplay o por las incontables veces que mi cerebro ha hecho click y ha recordado momentos y sensaciones de infancia jugando a la plei 2.
sea que lo que sea, se gozó

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I've been staring at the screen for 10 minutes and the only things I can say about this game that hasn't been said before is that this is a game that gets scarier and scarier the more time it passes from when you played it, if this game hits you with anything that can feel personal it won't let you escape.

That is true horror.

Sometimes I think what I would do in James situation, and I just freeze in fear. This game tells a story that knows that having bad luck in your life doesn't guarantee that at some point in the future you will be lucky or happy, that life is cruel, and that is the way it is. Everyone experiences or had done bad things in their life, and most of them aren't ever told, they are inside of you, creating pure grief, that's the whole nucleus of this story, and it understands it stupidly well.

Obviously the game wants you to relate the most with the worst person in the whole game, James, but Eddie is written like if he was a direct insult to my face. He is fucking ugly, got bullied at school and never achieved anything, and what that provoked was him doing worst things than he ever suffered to others and, obviously, that only made his life and grief worst. I'm obviously not a psychopath like him, thank god, but I've been there, experienced that and done worst things to others, and when you are alone there is no one to stop you or tell you what is the best thing you can do. I think this game is actually a game about being alone, and how scary that is.

People love to say they feel alone, but being truly alone is such a frightening thing that I think it changes a person. Laura's story is the story of a person being alone and rejected from their own family without even a reason, Eddie's story is the story of a person who always was alone and never had anyone to even begin with, and James's story is the story of a person that once was accompanied, and felt how he was going to be alone, slowly and inexorably.

Not everyone has been truly alone, not everyone understands how frightening that is, but everyone feels alone sometimes or shits their pants when thinking about how it would feel.

This game has a lot of themes on it, it's only like 6 hours long and it's one of the most complex pieces of art that has ever been made, and every person has something new to say about this even 20 years later. It feels like it has been written personally to you, everyone experiences it differently. It's one of those pieces of art that happens once every century, and I can only be thankful to be here to experience it.

You remain... unbroken... for your fight... is eternal.