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Good idea and a bird customization menu is fun, but I don't like the gameplay of skateboarding games and the graphics of it are too polygonal

What if Simpsons Skateboarding played worse and had less endearing cultural references?

Chill as fuck, pro-union, anti-capitalist, and a bird that skates.

I had to double check to see if this was in early access, and was highly disappointed to find that this is the full release. It feels incredibly unfinished. Hell, the skateboarding mechanics in Deadly Premonition 2 are more polished than this.

cute idea but the camera is glitchy and the controls are pretty rough, its fun once you get the hang of it and the lil mini bird skate parks are cute

It's very cute, but you don't realize just how fantastic Tony Hawk is until you've played something far less intuitive.

This was getting hyped to be a great skateboard game, but it is just kinda boring for the most part

This one just disappointed the fuck out of me.

The Bird part of SkareBird is pretty pog, the skate part is a little.........uuummmm..not very good. look I should just say I am not an avid skateboard video gamer, hell the only Tony Hack game I've played is Pro Skater 5.

So when I say the game feels super floaty and unfun to play I'm coming from someone who doesn't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing for these types of games.
A lot of the missions ranged from super easy to yell at the screen hard. one of the first missions of the game required me to get this charger from going up this ramp, and no matter how much speed I got I never got that fucking charger; it took me a solid hour just to get it.
I liked the OST and overall the game looks pretty nice, the writing is a bit too memey for my taste but I say the words Slaps, Pog and Based unironically daily sooooo..yeah.

Look Bottomline is if you like skateboarding games you might like this I'm still not 100% sure, but if you love birds then this game is definitely for you.

A poorly controlling game is frustrating at the best of times but for a genre where being mechanically proficient is so important it can be an almost impossible hurdle to jump and unfortunately SkateBIRD fails at even the most basic ollie.

While the dialogue is charming and the models of each individual bird are really quite nice, you're actively fighting the game to have anything close to a good time. The camera just doesn't listen to you when there's a wall even in the vaguest vicinity, as it swings around of its won accord - sometimes the adjustments are minor but other times it's so extreme as to wildly alternate from 0-180 degrees. This is compounded by actually trying to move your bird. I'm glad that the game has options to allow you to turn off balance bars and make it harder for you to bail but the game will still fight with you, where making an even slightly sharp turn results in your bird falling over around 50% of the time. Landing tricks is slightly better but it's still sometimes a lottery as to whether you'll bail or land.

Most of the levels feel empty and void of any character with large gaps of nothingness sitting between different areas. There's also no real logic to where and when missions appear nor any clear indication where you need to go to activate them - there were a couple of occasions where I was skating around a level for upwards of 10 minutes just looking for another bird to be able to progress. And then when you do eventually find them, you'd wish you hadn't as you receive yet another 'collect 5 of these' or 'skate in a straight line' quest.

There are parts that I liked but they were drowned out heavily by the feeling that I was wasting my time. A massive shame as I think the idea does have some legs but right now it's just a bit of a mess. A charming mess, but a smiley face on a bin bag can only go so far.

Controls our a little janky, but I didn't have nearly as many problems as y'all seem to be complaining about. Plus, it's about a bird on a skateboard.

The premise and the birds themselves are charming, but the gameplay is far too clunky to be enjoyable, let alone find its place among the best of the skating genre.

I sent a thank you note to the devs in their discord and they sent me a photo of their bird with a paper written "thank you ikearagao" this is the best game ever made.